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“Cathy-Anne McClintock’s Canadian Music Fest set was a unique breath of fresh air, blending folk, country and bluegrass influences with pop and adult contemporary. The self-titled debut solo CD, which is stunningly produced by McClintock and award-winning songwriter Steven McClintock. The album has some pretty impressive contributors, including Grammy Award-winning bluegrass/folk legend Tim O’Brien and fellow Canadian Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea). The songs on the album and live show are honest and memorable, including “How Can We Be Friends,” “I Wanna Live Like That,” “Crazy Bout You” and her softer,gentler version of “Strong Enough” that Sheryl Crow made popular. This beautiful Canadian living in the U.S. has won a ton of awards internationally. “Who Knew” is another song of Cathy-Anne’s that made me wish I knew about this talent long before now, however, it definitely won’t be the last we see of her.”

“This artist is so unique. Her band was totally organic with stand up bass, light acoustic percussion and a fiddle player. The crowd went nuts over her and gave her an encore, making her one of only two who received that kind of ovation at this event. Nominated LAMA Americana Artist of the Year.”

“I Wanna Live Like That – Cathy-Anne McClintock w/Tim O’Brien: This track is one of the many fine songs that are on McClintock’s recently released debut album and any song that includes Bluegrass/Americana icon Tim O’Brien will easily warm our hearts but this one’s extra special .”

“Extraordinary honest-to-goodness homespun warmth oozes from this artist.All of her recordings are subtly arranged and nearly perfect in sound clarity, presenting in hi def the artist bluegrass honestly and authenticity.”

“With a breath of Canadian fresh air, Cathy-Anne effortlessly stakes her claim on this album, without the need for comparison. Elegance and soul.”

Fred Mollin - Grammy/Juno Award winning record producer, film and TV composer

“The music industry is filled to capacity with people who sing songs … but very few singers. It is over flowing with people who write songs … but very few songwriters. Cathy-Anne McClintock is blessed to be a gifted songwriter who sings like a bird!”

Joe Wood former board member Canadian Country Music Assoc. - RDR Music Group

“Cathy-Anne McClintock gathered a strong Team around her like Duet partners Tim O’Brien & Alan Doyle, respected & known for their knowledge in the Music scene. Genre changes between Country * Folk, good first piece of work.”

Christian Lamitschka - Germany t-online

“Not the biggest fan of acoustic music but Cathy-Anne is one of those exceptions.This is due to the fact that she mixes different styles into her sound making a feel good CD from start to fini.The best part is her voice and the love for the songs she sings.She has to be heard."”

S-T - Street Voice UK Music Magazine

“I’m shocked that I haven’t heard of Cathy-Anne before after hearing the song “I Wanna Live Like That”. It's real and full of emotion,is the real deal she is taking Country music closer to it’s roots."”

Colin Shepherd - IndieShows.net Blog

“Cathy-Anne's music is fabulous! Wow she is so talented.My favorite is I wanna Live like That.My coworkers heard me listening & 5 of them started crowding around asking who is that? They said she is hot both in looks & talent!She is very impressive.She definitely belongs in the big leagues!”

Rose Diaz - 98.7 Star FM Los Angeles

“I spent 25 years as an “on-air personality” programming & music director.I’ve listened to tens of thousands of songs in all formats.I bring an educated “ear” to this review of Cathy-Anne McClintock’s self-titled album & THIS is quality work. Invest your hard earned cash well & BUY IT! ”

D.A. the Rock and Roll DJ - DA Reviews

“Oh my God, what a wonderful CD! I’m sooo loving it. “I Wanna Live Like That” is a country standard!The whole production is excellent all the players & singers. Cathy-Anne, you have such a memorable, sweet sound. You write a great hook, too. You’ve certainly got the goods”

Tracy Newman of the Reinforcements - Peer Opinion

“Swooningly lovely. A gentle acoustic confection that boasts a soaring, wafting melody, plus meaningful lyrics and Tim’s perfect shadowing harmony vocal.Cathy-Anne McClintock is a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on.”

“Very nice. Heard the whole CD again and man you guys did a nice job, love that So American song, that is a stone cold hit! Love that song! ”

Ron Irving - Two Bluebirds

"Wow Cathy-Anne is a kick ass singer! good work!!! Come down to Georgia."

Bruce Burch - Director of Music Program University of Georgia/former head of Creative at EMI

“Canadian folkies have played major roles in the LA music scene for decades, and now Cathy-Anne McClintock’s self-titled solo debut shows that she’s poised and honored to follow their path. ”

PHIL SWEETLAND - Music and Radio contributor, The New York Times

“I’ve listened to the Osbornes, the Louvins and the Everlys. Now Tumbleweed steps up to the mic to completely captivate me with that magical ingredient. Gosh I do like it. ”

George Lund, Manager for Chet Akins - Chet Music

“Your CD sounds great! Congratulations. The tunes keep getting stuck in my head. ”

Grammy Award Winning mandolinist, John Reischman - Jaybirds

“The CD was a pleasure, it's living in our kitchen!”

Dave Pickell, Hit Canadian Songwriter/Producer - CD Review

“This is the project she's long wanted to put together and it's very much worth the wait.This is lovely stuff make room,Alison Krauss.”

“I am completely impressed and proud to have been a part of this CD. You have created a piece of work that stands on its own in every way. It has complete musical integrity. It has pop sensibility. I Wanna Live Like That is great! That is a great team there. ”

Grammy Award winner Jim Nunally - Jaybirds

“Intoxicatingly sweet, honest music that will simultaneously break your heart with musical beauty and patch it up again with silent strength. Never before has a hurtin’ song made you so glad to be alive.” ,”

Katherine Monk - VANCOUVER SUN

““…Cathy-Anne was the singer of the only Canadian bluegrass videos we’ve ever played….nice to see someone playing the music the way it began so well and so well produced.” CMT Music Director, quoted from BILLBOARD MAGAZINE ”

Casey Clark - Billboard Magazine

“Profound and poignant, each lyrical line hits a familiar and relatable chord while conjuring up feelings from a particular stage in a person's life.The lyrics are woven into the fabric of an undeniably Bluegrass style.”

"Americana" is a much over-used label; but in this case it wraps itself like a down comforter around British Columbia's 9-time winner of "Best Country Group," Best Bluegrass Group," and "Best Country CD."

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