Catholic Radio / Press

"The songs are full of memorable pop hooks and melodies riding the crest of fuzzed-out guitars that push and pull against the rhythm... CR sounds like San Francisco - beautiful and frustrated; angry and righteous; extroverted and meditative... Clamoring and quiet, something different with each turn, Catholic Radio is like the city that's fostered them."

"It is a work with elements of psych, experimental, and post-rock, incorporating and embracing all of these styles of guitar rock, and keeping a smooth vibe throughout, from start to end."

"The songs are driven and hypnotic, exhibiting college radio sensibility while also capturing a big sound...Catholic Radio will restore your faith in something new worth listening to."

"When "Markov" began to play I literally stopped typing, just sat in my chair and listened."

"If your musical taste buds demand something nuanced, complex, mature and crafted solely with the music in mind, then look no further."

"Okay, this San Fransisco band may not have the fits and starts of Modest Mouse, but they do share a sense of experimentation and fearlessness."

"This is a cool album."

"A forceful debut."

East Bay Express