Catherine Hill / Press

“While I'm thankful for your music here on numberonemusic I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers! This is a fan from another site, but as a musician I was very chuffed to hear that comment) Thank you Alison McCondray”

“Can I be your Cherry Pie Honey Pop??? I love this song!!!!!!!!.. Your amazing vocals over these great musical sounds make this track so appealing. Excellent work Catherine.”

Kenny Heroux

“You know how much I adore "too far away" Catherine..I must've listened to it 50 times or more and it never gets stale...what a great way to kick off my week!!”

Mike White Presents

“listening to "Goodbye To You My Dear Friend"....what a beautiful, heartfelt song. It truly touches the heart! Oct 08”


“We are becoming awe struck by all the incredible talent we have discovered in Australia....now add Catherine Hill to that list!!! AWESOME!! Sep 29”


“I enjoyed "Cherry Pie Honey Pop". Just the kind of smooth, sexy, song that is needed to get a marriage of to a good start :) Aug 24”

Foxman - Foxman

“This song is nothing short of heartfelt,true and gorgeous..a beautiful tribute.Your voice is filled with sincerity and love.The music is written and presented with the gentleness of a rose petal”

Chuck Paul

“Your song and your voice are just beautful! You're special! Nov 12”

James Ferris - James Ferris