CatGut / Press

“CatGut is probably Astoria’s longest-running band, period. Forged in the seventies originally as the punk band “Who Cares”, these guys have been gigging it all over the city. The secret to their successful run is simple: they love to play. Crowds? Whatever. No pay? No matter. They’ll do a set for a beer and the chance to jam with each other. Listening to the music, you can hear the evolution the band’s sound has taken. From early punk, to bluegrass infusion, the band has what they call a “gypsy jazz” sound. Think one part jazz, one part country swing, one part jam-band, one part straight-rock served neat in the beer mug. Another thing great about Catgut’s biography is that the band members are born-and-bred Astorians. In fact, all but one of them still live in the neighborhood. Louis Armstrong once said “Never play a thing the same way twice”. CatGut may have been playing for decades, but no two sets are ever the same. ”