Catfish Soup / Press

"Excellent sound, amazing production, brilliant song writing…So well played and loving the guts out of it…"

Kolonel & SM - Port Stephens FM 100.9

"...I play what I love and EVERY track on this album rocks me to the core…"

Irene R. Barrett - 'Jukebox' Cairns FM 89.1

"Catfish Soup...have to be the best blues band in Newcastle."

Richard McLeod - Newcastle Music Mail

"...it rocks your socks off till the last track has played and then you crave for more."

Irene R. Barrett - 'Drivin' Home With The Blues' - Cairns FM 89.1

“Love the album...will be putting it to good use on air with heavy rotation”

Kolonel & SM - Port Stephens FM 100.9