Catastrophe Me / Press

“(As Catastrophe Me prepares to release their first full-length album), "Things look cool for Catastrophe Me! This album effectively captures her (Heather's) mixed emotions, with her clear voice shining on many numbers, including “Fade to Gray,” “Winter” and “Love Spell.” Like her influences, Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lacy Sturm of Flyleaf, Heather’s lyrics and melodies allow her room to explore a variety of feelings throughout the album, most dramatically when she rises from a whisper to a bursting vocal climax in “Hello Bella.” The CD is driving, but not overpowering, bringing weight to tunes like “Double Shot” and “Catastrophe Me,” while carefully maintaining a balance between metal-tinged guitar work and Heather’s sensitive vocals. The instrumental track “Der Dritte Marz” let’s the boys rock out..."”

Jess Novak - Syracuse New Times

"Hold the phone! Double Shot made me sit up from the first riff and hasn't let up yet! Kicks you until this really cool funky break here, this is nice and they kick the door in again! This one has taken over as CD favorite with one new song to go. Love Spell, again a cool guitar intro, nice drum piece as the band joins the fray. Heather has range to spare everywhere in this CD, what a voice! The band is tight and they can take some really nice turns from the main path of each song with surprising breaks. The band has a lot of talent coming through and I completely expect them to blow me away when I see them. Heather has a wickedly strong and tantalizing voice. She can go soft and sexy to power and fury in an instant. The production is there, the CD look is awesome..."

David Garlow - Syracuse Examiner

““These guys sizzle with musical ability and vocal dynamics that is bound to break the charts numerous times!!! I'm forever a Catastrophe Me fan!!” -Wolfman”

““Lupi and Kyle can really bring it…rythym section is solid and dynamic…crunchy background” “This self-titled EP is really quite well done, but I expect and anticipate more from them and frankly am quite looking forward to hearing it.” “I predict…exciting possibilities lie ahead of them.” ”