Catalogue V / Press

“Put it this way, they may not give Antonio Banderas a run for his money, but man, did they know how to please a crowd. Razil Razil Razil at one point literally got everyone to stand up in the name of macho. It was that good.”

“Judging from the enthusiastic cheering and loud sing-a-longs, Catalogue V was easily the hot favourite of the night. There’s no wonder why. Lead singer, Razil Razil Razil (no, it isn’t the fangirl in me chanting, that is his name) led effortless bantering that convinced even the laziest of fans to get on their feet and dance to their tunes.”

“Dressed up in a stylish retro looking suits with fake mustaches, gelled up hairstyles and suspenders to complete the look, the band was all out to thrill that night. And thrill they did as numbers like “Show You How”, “Dancer” and “Jessie Can’t Choose” definitely got the crowd going with shouts of encore after their set ended.”

“As irresistible as gourmet popcorn - you can't stop at one”

Juliana Koh, Anaki Records

“IN certain circles of the local music scene, you’ll find the term “mainstream” bandied about almost as an insult. Catalogue V will take that gladly as a compliment–this self-styled schizo-pop outfit is unabashedly hungry for commercial success and radio play. Live, this five-man outfit consisting of Razil Razil Razil (lead singer), Matt Raham (drummer), Alfredo Lucius (guitars), Mal Mikhal (bass) and Rave Zulo (keyboards) are an electrifying, bottom-end moving act, combining sticky pop hooks with irresistible jackhammer funk grooves that disguise the oft-weighty lyrical themes of their songs. ”

“Catalogue V’s frontman has a voice with a unique quality that compliments the genre-bending melting pot of sounds that come out of their music.”

Don Richmond, Music Producer

“Catalogue V is a really solid live act. Razil [Razil Razil Razil] is such a charismatic frontman and the band is not just tight but has an infectious energy and vibe that makes you want to move your feet and hug somebody.”

Patrick Chng , Musician, Producer, Noise Singapore mentor

“This band's energy is just unlike any others. You are all simply fantastic musicians and I cannot wait to hear 'Jessie Cant Choose' on the radio some day soon! Along with clever and heartfelt lyricism, I couldn't be more honored to have been in the audience. Thank you for supporting Sound Out and for consistently putting forth an amazing show. Wish you all the best in the future!”

Sara Marie Shaaban, Singapore National Committee for UN Women

“Catalogue V put the fun in funk”

Dex Wong, Senior Executive (Programming) - The Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic

“One of the many highlights of the SOUNDOUT Against Sex Trafficking CD launch at Blujaz Cafe on June 22nd was the brilliant performance by local band Catalogue V. Just one song into their set and Catalogue V had the place up, dancing and making some noise! Kudos to them for supporting the cause in such a stylish, talented fashion.”

Katrina Dick - UN WOMEN

“Needless to say, possibly one of the most entertaining original Pop bands in Singapore, exceptional.”

“If there’s one band you need to listen to and believe that there is hope in Singaporean music, then look no further than Catalogue V’s own unique ‘bipolaric’ genre ”Skitzo-pop”, calling inspiration from Jamiroquai, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers to U2.”

“In our most recent event, The Sound Series Project held at The Arena in collaboration with Youth Organsior, Oliver, Catalogue V came through as the MOST POPULAR BAND OF THE NIGHT. We managed to sneak out some time from them to find out more about the successful band.”

“Every performance by Catalogue V is a sensuous theatrical music showcase, indulging the audience in titillating funky music decorated with ample flamboyant flairs. Backed with constant rhythms, Catalogue V fuses elements of modern and vintage tunes to showcase their versatility: from upbeat tracks to bruised, passionate ballads. With their witty, almost bipolar sound, the band is set to win audiences through their mix of funk, jazz, rock and disco vibes with an original twist.”

Linda Wee - National Arts Council