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“The Garage opened its to the kind gentlemen of Catalano. They graced The Fox studios with their classic metal rhythms and deep lyrical melodies which was just simply good stuff and a good time.”

"AMAZING" This album from "Catalano" "Into The Darkness" is AMAZING!! I highly recommend it to ALL!

“Catalano has a sound like no other. Definitely the best band in Illinois. Their live shows are full of energy, leave you smiling & with goosebumps. Rising Eagle Radio, LLC is waiting in anticipation for their new cd to be released to share it with our listeners. Their dedication to charities is very commendable as well. Top notch music and guys in every way. --Sami Murphy (DJ HotPants/Indie Artist Liaison)”

Sami Murphy (DJ HotPants/Indie Artist Liaison) - Rising Eagle Radio

“Rockin' and powerful vocals!!! Great guitar riffs and solos and totally explosive sound!!”

Destination Dawn - ReverbNation

"Virtuoso Singing , Virtuoso Guitar playing, The complete package in Catalano" - Tim Lamping The Kat105.5 FM

Tim Lamping - The Kat 105.5 FM

“Pat Catalano named "Shredder of the week" by TurboTrem.”


“As you listen to Pat, you realize what a musical genius he is. Most of Pat's music is instrumental although a couple songs that have lyrics. You can feel the inspiration that flows through his instruments in every song.”

Geri - GJK Promotions

“The band's sound is very guitar oriented with soaring vocals and catchy hooks and melodies that made the songs linger in my mind past beyond the show.”

Mario Salazar - Chicagos Rock