Castles In Spain / Press

“Castles in Spain can link together lines and arrangements so successfully shows that they are a mature act. The entirety of Again is solid, with Castles in Spain creating a style of music that has not been heard in popular circles for years.”

Neufutur Magazine

“Biachi has fashioned this band into an accomplished, diverse, and professional act. For a trip across the seven seas, catch the entrancing waves of Castles in Spain at the Bottom of the Hill and Slim's, or treat yourself to 40 minutes of aural delicacies with Numero Tres.”

Sarah Snavely - SF Weekly

“Brilliant guitar work in this one. The odd meter is a nice touch over the entrancing vocals. "In the Valley" is reminiscent of early Sinead, The Lion and the Cobra.”

The Reverend Rob - Fog City Magazine

"You can close your eyes and lose yourself in lush, sexy darkness; watery stillness, crooning you into some kind of state of mind where you've cleared out all the chatter, the clutter and racing, non-stop rattling on and on.I will remember that Voice, though. Ms. Biachi has finally reached my ears."

Kent Manthie - Reviewer Magazine

“Castles in Spain was a nice surprise for me. There is a lot of creativity displayed on Again that I think will appeal to any fan of quality music but particularly those who love to pop profound music into their stereo, ipod, or record player in the dark of night.”

Mark Fisher - 1340 Magazine

“Castles in Spain's music is like a surreal journey into the soul of another realm. It’s unique, beautiful and alive with emotion. The songs are beyond gorgeous!”

“The music is stunningly well arranged, and Biachi — the group’s vocalist and producer — pays special attention to both the vocal treatment and its place in the overall composition”

“Visionary artists like Biachi, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the popular Bay Area based band Castles In Spain, frequently have a hard time trying to describe their music to industry reps who would love nothing more than pigeonhole them.”