“ The solo's on this album truly are monumental and the tightness at which the band plays really make the songs what they are. It is really hard to find anything not to like about "Castero", they are hardly original or ground-breaking but the passion and drive that are in these songs make it impossible to get out of your head. The riffs are indestructible, the solos are incredible and the production is big and meaty. This is a great release that is due out in April, seems like there is something in the air in Ireland that is producing so many killer bands these days and Castero are without a doubt one of the best. 9/10 ”

ED - Doom Metal Alliance Review

“ Each and every song on this album has something to recommend itself. The playing on all three instruments is extremely tight, the songs are catchy and very headbangable and, even if it’s not exactly original, I think you’d be hard-pressed to not find something to like in this album. One of the highlights of 2010 so far. 9/10 ”

Mike Thompson - Ice Vajal Metal World

“ "Consequence of Thoughts" is the first full-length album by Irish trio Castero. The band plays a groove-style metal, inspired by southern grudge metal, with bluesy hard rock of 70's, dark sounds of Black Sabbath mixed into a doomy stoner sound. There are parts that I am reminded of a bit of NWOBHM with a doom metal feeling other parts. Johnny Mac vocals compare a little to Scott "Wino" Weinrich. ”

Raging Power web zine review

“ Castero has taken a wide variety of influences and created music that always seems to be heading in different directions. One minute they might be playing a blues rock piece that feels as though the instrumentalists listened to a ton of ZZ Top while the next they are playing really heavy, slow riffs that are doom inspired. However, despite the fact that the band goes off in so many different directions it never sounds as though they are spreading themselves too thin as each track is well written and features some guitar riffs that really grab your attention. There are plenty of different directions that these guys could take their music in, but it seems likely that whichever way they choose to go will work.”

“Castero from Ireland have one real groovy stomping sludgy release here, take a listen to the track "Die With Me" with one hell of a infectious riff and groove.”

“Their music isn't easy to label, but I'd say the music is mainly stoner-rock/metal with some touches of sludge. Next to this they also use a very gritty production which adds a whole new layer to the overall sound. ”

"they went on cranked it up and played a great set". One thing that stood out for me was the dirty fuzzed bass sound which really added that extra touch of power to the songs. This was loud heavy and non-apologetic stoner metal.