Cassidy Haley / Press

““Haley describes his lyrics as “emotional throw-up,” and says that when “things hurt, I make them into songs.” Now that his fan base has exploded, the out performer has started tapping into something deeper to “think more about using the medium to communicate something intentional.””

“According to Cassidy’s MySpace he sounds like a drugged out Justin Timberlake lost in the back streets of Berlin on acid after being kidnapped by a pack of raving mad drag queens. Do we need to say more?”

““Cassidy is talented in his own right, and his dark danceclub music is catchy goth-pop, nostalgically new-wavey grooves a la ’80s synthdisco bands like Real Life, Alphaville, Blancmange, and Information Society.”

“According to Yahoo Music, Adam made an overnight sensation out of Cassidy Haley, a buddy of his who co-owns Skin.Graft, the company that custom-designs Adam's custom leather jackets, with a simple one-line tweet on Twitter: "My friend Cassidy has made this great video".”

“The songs on Little Boys and Dinosaurs are lushly produced, dark and theatrical. It's like Trent Reznor lightened up a bit and got a bit of a groove on.”

“His sound is a dark, theatrical dance-goth pop vibe that is catchy. His soul gripping lyrics flow smoothly in form with the melodious music, producing songs that rivet the listener.”