Casper & the Cookies / Press

“Like someone rolled the entire cast of The Royal Tenenbaums into one band. Razor-sharp guitar parts, a few off-kilter harmonies, noisy keyboards, and neatly compact tunes that blossomed with quickly complex bridges made Casper best in show.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The Optimist’s Club, a very strong, power-pop album with inklings of the avant-garde, delivers from beginning to end. [It] is a wonderful recording full of texture and experimentation that never leaves the listener behind.”

Left Hip Magazine

“The Optimist’s Club, is chock full of soaring boy-girl harmonies, feelgood guitar riffs, and all the radiance of full-spectrum lamp.”

Allmusic.com Spotlight

“Casper & The Cookies are simultaneously your and your parents’ new favorite band. The Cookies manage to throw something in the mix for literally everyone while maintaining the feel of an album from start to finish, which is no small feat.”

Harmonium Blog

“You always read the cliche “infectious melodies” when critics are talking about pop groups like this, but once again, it holds true. It is hard to see someone not really enjoying this record.”

My Old Kentucky Blog

“They do an excellent job of keeping things upbeat and so sincerely pop in lyrics and sound that it’s somewhat timeless in its musicality.”

Exclaim! Magazine

“Believe it or not: Casper & the Cookies’ Optimist’s Club feels like Brian Wilson’s Smile.”

URB Magazine

“Casper and the Cookies made a good case for serving dessert before the main course, thanks to the wide-eyed delivery of frontman Jason NeSmith. While not related to Mike Nesmith, the singer did a fine job of injecting a bit of Monkee-like spirit into the band’s keyboard-driven pop songs.”


“If The Apples in Stereo hadn’t been so goddamn exciting, Casper’s Cookies would have stolen the show. I’ll take Casper & The Cookies’ charming, exuberant, multi-effects-pedal pop any day and consider the eyeshadow a bonus.”

Tiny Mix Tapes

“few touring indie acts possess the Cookies’ driven playfulness and exceptional instrumental skill, both of which contributed to a riveting performance.”

The Cleveland Free Times

“A fine power-pop band lead by former Of Montreal member Jason NeSmith, the Athens, Georgia quartet fashion their stellar arrangements around singer NeSmith’s petulant vocal stylings, balancing preciousness with experimental sounds and irrepressible spirit.”

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