Caspa Narkz / Press

“Brand New Caspa Narkz! New Single Entitled "Arrival" Please Post On Your Website Once You Get The Chance To Check It Out! Caspa Narkz Is Going To Have The Net Going Crazy Over This Joint! Download link after the jump. ”

“I've leaked a few tracks from the homey Caspa Narkz, and now his mixtape, The Lottery, is available for download. Gotta give those young spitters some ear-time, nahmean? Check this East New York representer, and let him know if you're feeling this!”

“Videos : Caspa Narkz Ft. Vickee Valle – Take This World « Go backFriday,26th February, 2010 | VideosIn The News Caspa Narkz Ft. Vickee Valle – Take This World”

“New track from Caspa Narkz titled "Arrived." Pretty good song here so be sure to check it out.”

“Some heat from newcomer Caspa Narkz. ”

“I checked him out further and found that he shot and released a music video a few months back for his song “Take This World” featuring rapper Vickee Valle. In fact, I found it on WSHH, and it had over 7,000 plays. The Youtube video below has over 2,000 views, so he isn’t doing too bad.”