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“Sully Sullenberger @Captsully @casno1 Very creative. Thanks for sharing.Happy 2014! SS 09:20 PM - 01 Jan 14”

Captain Sully - Tweet about Track

“Outstanding, brilliant, stunning songs & music. I love "When you smile" one of the best tracks I have ever heard on Reverb. You are an awesome talent. Fantastic singing voic... ”

Robert Steven Hunt-England - Fan Appreciation

“My idol moment sounds awesome, you create a visual within your music, that's something artists and musicians struggle with, and you do it with ease! Keep it up! We're listening!!!”

Artist: Only Good Noiz - Fan Appreciation

“goodnight Casno Productions! It is my pleasure to join you as a fan of your music! I come from Paris in France and this proves that music transcends borders!”

Artist - SIMPLEBLIND - Fan Appreciation

“swinging through to play your amazing sound!! Fab stuff”

Artist - Charleigh - Fan Appreciation

"When you smile", was written for 2 purposes: 1) to deliver a true and positive message to the world, attempting to create a timeless song that would have universal recognition for its positive message and catchy hook. 2) for TV, Movie & Licensing deals. "Jack" is still waiting for the message to catch on.

Clarence Jackson - When you smile, someone will smile with you

“Talk about flexibility! I like what you do man. Skills for sure! I'm feelin' X Tribute track to US Airways...Rock The Red! too Peace! ”

IAMCRAZINESS - Fan Appreciation

“nice production values - feel free to let us know the next time you're in Toronto”

The Senior Executives - Fan Comments

“I LOVE your songs!!! You've got songwriting CHOPS, bro, great songs, catchy tunes, memorable lyrics! You're goin' places!”

Wendy McGehee - Fan Comments

"Tribute to US Airways-Cactus 1549"; Now famous US Airways pilot; Captain Sully & Crew, landed safely in the Hudson River saving the lives of all passengers after a bird strike at 13 thousand fees only minutes after take off. The communication you hear in the track is the actual chatter between Sully and the tower just minutes before splashing down in the Hudson River. The music track and small edits to the chatter was arranged to help dramatize the moment for listeners.

Clarence Jackson - Tribute to US Airways Flight "Cactus 1549

"Tribute track to US Airways-Cactus 1549" very cool & unique concept! Well done!!!

SHABBY ROAD - Fan Comments

“Man you got some good music.. I like all the trakcs.. My favorite is "My Idol Moment." Keep grindin man!!!”

Trouble$ome 91 - Fan Comments

“When You Smile - great song Casno, keep those kind of songs coming we need them! Blessings, Joanna”

Joanna Melas - Fan Comments

"My Idol Moment" is a "novelty" song written for and about American Idol, in hopes of winning the American Idol Songwriting contest in 2009. Composition finished to late...they haven't had a songwriting contest for 3 seasons now. Casno wrote the song with focus on crossover appeal to age and cultural groups. He has crossed styles & genres: Reggae, Rock, Pop, Caribbean, R&B with a dash of (Auto-tune) to give it that current flavor. It was written about the American Idol journey with a bit of humor and sarcasm. I wan't to thank my shy but beautifly talented vocalist =):Ms Reena Sikdar

Clarence Jackson - The Story & Reason for writting "My Idol Moment"

“I so love when you smile,great harmony,love the lyrics, the power of our smile is a universal language. Friendship in music”

Erydute - Fan Comments

“Love the Originality.Exceptionally Good Music Smooth Easy Listening …Inspirational Talent Best Regard! Sean!”

Enoch Arcane - Fan Comments

“Refreshing to hear original music with intense life experience as influence.. much respect family you are amazing! Best regard Sean”

Inoch Arcane - Fan Comments

“Great stuff man! When you Smile and Always Remember are fantastic! ”

Bennie Williams - Fan Comments

“I don't understand so much this type of music, but I like this songs and make me feel happy and relaxed! Great production! ”

Candida Kandinskij - Fan Appreciation

“Ridiculously Hot Page, Loving The Whole Sound & Vibe. Very Creative, & Just Good Music. Best Wishes, Keep Making Hits & Holla At Ya Bull. ”

DaBull Vee: - Fan Appreciation

“I'm just so speechless listening to music that makes me feel involved. big ups man, me love dat ”

Adom Deladem Kwaku - Fan Appreciation