Casia "Master of Collaboration" / Press

“You're such an incredibly talented writer...wow!! I so wish I could do what you do :). The artists you've chosen to perform and record your songs are also amazing.”

Jenny Dwyer, Lead vocals/percussion - Band: She Said Hilbilly Dix ... Australia

“Wasn't sure if there were many decent 'songwriters' out there anymore. NICE TO HEAR ONE! Reminds me of the great songwriters of the 70s and 80s which we NEED MORE OF TODAY. Keep doing what you're doing!”

Matt Hughes, Canadian Singer-Songwriter - WHOTUNE

“Your lyrics hit me at about the same level as Paul Williams for some reason (In my own mind, he is the best lyricist I've known, so you must not be far behind if I'm making a comparison here.) I love those Howlin' Blues! Who is singing on Sweet Sorrow. Very Shakespearean. I can see how drama has played a part in your writing career and gives you that undefinable edge. Nice lyrics! ”

Knot Head Gordie, singer-songwriter (USA) - Reverbnation

“You seem to have a great ability for drawing the right musicians to yourself for each and every song. That is truly a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing. It's a real delight.”

Rick Rogstad - Singer-songwriter (Country blues) - Indiemusicworks

"Casia's captivating words and use of metaphors won my heart and her growing list of Bands and Artists are a testament to the value, regard and respect she has obtained and attained. Casia is the most INSPIRING person I have ever met."

American Actor / singer-songwriter, Germany - Michael Edwards-Stevens aka King

"Mysterious" has got to be one of the best mixes ever on Kompox, and a damn good song with great performances from all. A round of applause hereby delivered:) Rock On

Bjorn Pehrson, Songwriter (Stockholm, Sweden) - Kompoz

“I FREAKING LOVE CAROUSEL!! Pop hit guys!! No shitting!! -Benny/Cas,..fantastic song writing and vocals. Really controlled production. That's what makes this sound so pro! -Doc doc doc,... you always know exactly what to play brother. The texture of your harmonies are really rich and smooth. Fit like a glove! -Andy... Your bassline makes this thing really move along,.. and the chosen notes are dead on! Thank you guys for posting this gem!”

Jay - Band "Call of the Twilight" - Musicians Collaboration

““A Not Ordinary Christmas” is the brainchild of Casia, a Canadian lyricist who collaborates with Indie composers and artists around the globe, resulting in some very fine music. The album, will include at least 15 tracks all originals—covering styles across a wide musical spectrum (rock, jazz, blues, easy listening, etc.). A portion of the proceeds will be going to benefit needy children. I’ve heard several of the uncompleted demos and I very much liked what I heard. One song in particular, “Christmas Baby Blues”, blew me away; it simultaneously manages to sound completely contemporary, yet completely classic - a lament, written as a very soulful jazz/blues standard. Great stuff. It’s smooth, it’s sad, it’s wonderful. Fear not, though; happy songs, peaceful songs, silly songs—there’s something for every mood.”

“Casia, you´re a really really really hard working and incredible woman in this business. I dig that! I am sure you´ll make it as long as you don´t loose track on all your different projects.”

Henry Mittnacht, Singer-Songwriter, Germany - Musicians Collaboration

“You are a very intelligent and creative writer. Your songs ARE being heard and I hope one day "you hit it big"”

BFriendly, Singer-Songwriter, Canada - Kompoz

“Casia, you are destined for greatness. Your lyrics strum the 'Heart Strings' and cause souls and the Universe to vibrate. "Write On"...Please know in your 'Heart Of Hearts' what is written about you are NOT compliments they are FACTS... You have serious skills... ”

“Casia, just a huge,,, WOW !!,, is all i can think of almost to react to this. this track, has to be classed among the very few that truly measure up to what is put out by the major labels. None of my stuff comes any where close. Before i stopped to think of 'who' had written the lyrics, i was just noticing how excellent they are. !!! very classy work Casia. I never realized before that Stonehead is the drummer for Misplaced Texans. Way to go Ian. !! Benny, is one great singer and is that Doc on the guitars? His voice is a cross between the singer of Big Country (now gone) and the singer of Men at Work. I don't know the names of either one of them but have heard their stuff here and there. This is a major hit-- regardless of if the public ever realizes it or not. I WAS WRONG,, wow,, a really great song and band sound.”

Shane - IndiemusicWorks

“MaryAnn and her Demon Lover: "Fantastic catchy rocker and fine power vocals. A bit of Midnight Oil touch...Perfect thing - and I love spooky lyrics. On my favorites list - deserves world wide airplay. Casia, you have outdone your lyrics with this one, one of your best. The band is in top form here"...Pascal ”

Various - Indiemusicworks / MCS

“It's not too often that you'll find a lyricist rise into the public eye but that's exactly what's happening with Casia. Her heartfel words and expressive use of imagery have captured the attention of musicians around the world....Casia dares to disturb the universe!”

“I checked out your video and I think it's really great that you used your art to raise awareness and funds! Let's definitely keep in touch and even chat by phone in the next couple of days, it's very inspiring what you've done! Keep up the great spirit. ”

Hollywood Composer - Zain Effendi

“Destiny's Fire - Best New Song on the Top 40 charts "Casia's heartfelt words and impressive use of imagery have captured the attention of musicians around the world. You never know where she will lead you. One moment you'll be lost in tears of anguish wondering down a dark lonely alley and the next moment you'll be wrapped in cellophone dancing the night away at the perfect party"”

“You belong to the most solid rock band on IndieMusicWorks (The Misplaced Texans) ....a pleasure ... perfect in rock and vocals, hats off and I'll keep headbanging, deserves worldwide airplay...”

Pascal - IndieMusicWorks

“Bleeding Hearts: Wow....you have such an amazing talent for bringing together the best of the best. It's the "Casia Magic" that brings international talent such as this together with her poetic visions.....Nicely done”

Zignit - Gigootz

“In Aug/Sept. of 2008, Victoria sang Casia's pop lyric "Won't You Be Mine" at the 2008 Golden Stag International Pop Festival in Brasov, Romania. It was televised live on Romania’s largest national television network, Televiziunea Romana...cool! http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=TehbpJ4u518&feature=related ”


"Casia's words are fluid movements set to refreshing melodies. A very impressive collection from a master of collaboration. I bow to your ingenuity Casia and "I'm running breathless......."

Gigootz management

“Victoria Linskaya won 2nd place at the International Pop Music Festival "Discovery" in Bulgaria in August, 2008, for Casia's lyric "Stay With Me Tonight".”

Artist Launch

“I have had the opportunity to work with Casia for several months and during this period my Songwriting output has vastly improved. My attempts to collaborate with other 'Songwriters' have been frustrating, unfulfilling and lost time. I believe my lyrics/songs have become more meaningful since my association with Casia. Discover her while she is still "reachable" I'm sure an association will enrich your life and enhance the life of your music.”

American Actor-Singer Songwriter,Germany - Michael Edwards-Stevens aka King

“So impressed by her arrangements, I investigated her further and found a sincere, dedicated lyricist who seems to live for the independent artist. Just the vast amount of diverse and talented musicians she has connected with from an abundance of various countries boggles the mind ”

Gigootz Management

“The music industry is in a constant state of change and with the advent of music collaboration sites, anybody with an idea can connect with like-minded individuals, from just about anywhere in the world and produce a song. You no longer need to be in the same room, in the same country or the same time zone.”

“Victoria Linskaya of Russia, won 3rd place with Casia's pop lyric "Stay With Me Tonight" at Martisor, a Spring music festival in the Republic of Moldova on March 7-10, 2009. Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe between Romania and the Ukraine.”

“She is one busy girl and very intensely involved in her love of music. Definitely an artist I will now watch with my ears glued to the internet, so to speak. And speaking of listening, I found her music an extremely pleasurable experience. The melodies rock with syncopated perfection, the vocals reach tonal bliss and the lyrics are inspiring tales of love, doubt and the constant pursuit of inner awareness. A note must also be made as to the "Alice in Wonderland" influence in "Dark Demons". Being a huge fan of Lewis Carroll, I immediately felt at home with her music and flowed with the rhythm of her words.”

“Led by Casia, a lyricist from Canada, a group of multi-national musicians came together on-line to produce an original song and video to help raise funds for victims of the Haiti Earthquake on January 12, 2010. They come from Canada, Sweden, USA, France, Italy and Scotland. Their song is now available worldwide through Elppa records on the compilation album "Hearts for Haiti".”

“Casia's music collaboration "Mysterious" has been selected for use on a webisode called "The Extent", a new dramatic mystery series written and directed by Jason Nassr. You can watch a youtube trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ECtm-OZTGg&feature=related”