Cash Pony / Press

“Opening the night is Oakland’s Cash Pony. Their influences look like a record geek’s shopping list: Fela’s throbbing afro-beat, Zappa’s obtuse jazz-rock, and 60’s psychedelia, liberally sprinkled with traces of math-rock, experimental noise, Tuvan throat singing and the freewheeling space jazz of Sun Ra. Far from being po-faced enthnomusicologists, Cash Pony infuse their world party with a refreshing sense of humor as evidenced by their album titles: “Sippin’ Oolong For Too Long” (2010) and their latest release, “Carpel Tunnel Vision Quest,” which won "Best Album of the Year, 2012" by East Bay Express readers... ”

“After a short break, Cash Pony took the stage, shifted straight into fifth gear, and zoomed off on a sonic adventure of fine-tuned, progressive math rock. With each band member sporting a unique beard style, they collectively seemed to sink into a meditative state that enabled them to perfectly link up the clouds of notes that darted around the stage. It seemed that they were of one hive mind as they rapidly yet precisely wove together cyclic tornadoes of scales and breaks. The bass, guitar, drums, and saxophone notes would all move as one through complicated musical passageways at breakneck speed, suddenly split apart from each other for bouts of free jazz inspired musical anarchy, and then suddenly reconnect again as if nothing had interrupted their meticulous precision.... (more to read at Jambase)”

“For those of a more discerning taste I bring you Cash Pony. These guys are incredible, showing off their musical know-how with not only catchy hooks and crunchy bass, but also with funny time signatures and rhythms. It’s organized chaos and it sounds so good. Cash Pony doesn’t limit themselves in any way. They blend the beautiful spontaneity of jazz with the sizzling attitude of rock, and... they throw in some sitar, horns, and sax for an extra dimension to their sound. I guess you can call them new math rock, or even avantgarde, but one thing is for sure, these talented musicians are fun to listen to. Cash Pony just released their LP, “Carpal Tunnel Vision Quest”, in March. For those of you who love the avantgarde, I highly recommend you pick it up, and for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a song off of “Carpal Tunnel Vision Quest” called “Starthistle” for you to check out. PS: I love these guys forever for referencing Fantomas as one”

“...Cash Pony… wtf. My buddy mentioned how gutsy it is to walk on stage with a sitar and bass guitar swarming with effects and a baritone sax. With an attitude of either “this is gonna suck” or “this is gonna rule” no middle of the road potential here. After the 3rd note my friend and I just looked at each other and gave that “wow, we’re happy we’re here” look. Cash Pony is Proggy and very complex. They don’t overwhelm though. Like a lot of math bands in the 90’s that were playing to blow your mind to the point that your girlfriend just wants to leave and listen to her cure album or dashboard confessional cd. The girls were right there with them, and the music nerds were too. They also have a great secret weapon in their Bass player. Some of the best playing, and use of effects I’ve heard since the 70’s. Not to mention a great artist. These guys have all the makings to make it, they just have to not know that and keep focused on the great energy they”

“Made on a budget reaped via Kickstarter, Carpal Tunnel Vision Quest is the work of six local musicians who play a weird battery of instruments. Their conceit, apparently, was to combine world-music microtones with the forward-movement of rock. Opener "Starthistle" is riffy and backbeat-driven; "Omphalos" features the sitar and a low, murmured ommmm. But it rocks. (self-released)”