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“Oh wow! This CD is a revelation. Any description I can give it I’m afraid wouldn’t be enough...Being this is his fourth CD, how did he slip under my radar? What we have here is something truly magical and moving. As Cary’s lyrical imagery weaves together with his intricate guitar playing, you will surely be swept up in this special experience.”

“Cary Morin possesses finger-picking skills that many guitarists would sell their soul for...Cradle To The Grave is the sound of a greatly skilled musician. One man and one guitar in complete harmony.”

“I’ve been a music fan for as long as I can remember and I don’t think I’ve heard songs written as beautifully as some showcased on Morin’s Cradle To The Grave. From roots and folk to blues and jazz, Morin combines some of the greatest genres to create a record that illustrates and paints a picture of a situation or event; the listener feels like they’re actually experiencing it along with him. On Cradle To The Grave, Morin knocks it out of the park, and is definitely going to be one of my favorite albums of the year. *Rating - Iconic”

“Cary Morin: Cradle To The Grave (Maple Street Music; 40:39 ★★★★ ) Drawing from the blues yet not defined by any given category. Colorado fingerstyle guitarist-singer Cary Morin is a storyteller of Crow heritage who operates at the same high artistic level as Greg Brown, Jorma Kaukonen and Chris Smither. All by himself on his fourth album, he ponders the transitory nature of life, the recent Sioux Standing Rock pipeline conflict and other matters with just the right meld of sureness and curiosity.”

"Sometimes nothing soothes the spirit like the sway of a pristine fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Add to that a tender voice telling relevant stories and it is comfort food for the soul. Cary Morin is all that and more. Through his guitar and voice, Morin celebrates many American musical traditions. In his capable hands, there are wisps of country blues masters swirling among melodies reminiscent of the ‘60s folk and blues revival."

“...Gritty and satisfying on many levels.”

“Here is my new favorite album that I will blasting on the PA system alongside my BBQ and smoking rig. This is a beautiful album of Solo guitar picking and heartfelt singing that I just love! The new album from Cary Morin “Cradle To The Grave”.”

"While there is definitely blues roots to the performances here (eight originals and three interpretations), one might view this recording much as folk or Americana. This is a minor point because Morin is wonderful guitarist, who sings with warmth and conviction and writes some real good songs...Not having heard of Morin prior to this recording, this writer was throughly impressed by him and I believe many others will as well by this first-rate CD."

"Cradle to the Grave is a relaxing album that wraps listeners in a musical cocoon made of Cary Morin’s vocals and guitar playing. The songs are made for sitting on the back porch and contemplating life while partaking in an ice-cold beverage. Give it a listen for yourself and enjoy."

“Singer/songwriter/fingerstyle guitarist Cary Morin pays homage to those blues icons, and finds his sweet spot in the acoustic and country blues realm, with a nod to folk and rock. He defines a very nice space for himself on his 11-track (eight originals and three covers) Cradle to the Grave, which completes his three-album project of acoustic recordings. It's an exceptional work, and showcases Morin's accomplished picking, thoughtful lyrics and expressive vocals. He's a musician with something to say and knows how to communicate it.”

“His acoustic fingerpicking, devoid of sonic embellishments or any accompaniment save his husky, lived-in voice resonating with earthy warmth, rises up from sources such as Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, John Fahey, Mississippi Fred McDowell…that is to say, it’s deeply evocative of an historic sweep of American music.”

"If you haven’t heard Cary Morin, you need to. Morin will release his fourth solo cd, Cradle to the Grave on January 13th. The eleven track album features some of the finest acoustic guitar picking you’ll hear anywhere...A superb fingerstyle guitarist, Morin is a troubadour of the first order...The guitar playing on this album is elegant, and simple in it's beauty. And while what he is doing might be complex, he seems to toss it off effortlessly, as if anyone could play this well..." - Joe McSpadden, No Depression

"...To capture the sound and spirit of a Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt or Lightnin’ Hopkins takes tremendous musicianship and a feel for the music that few artists possess.  But Cary Morin, a Crow tribal member who grew up far from the Mississippi Delta in Montana, has tapped directly into the roots of country blues. With his impeccable finger picking and occasional steel guitar playing and crusty, expressive vocals and song writing, Morin has developed a style that stands apart as true “Native Americana.”  Morin’s deft blues picking and raw singing are reminiscent of Corey Harris’s early recordings..."  -Bill Wilcox, Twangville

“I always have had a soft spot for acoustic guitarists and Cary Morin is one of the best. He is at heart a roots musician who treads the line between folk music and the blues with some influences from his Native American heritage thrown in for good measure. The heart of his approach is his finger style picking as he accompanies himself on the guitar.”

"Montana-raised, northern Colorado resident Cary Morin is a Native American who continues to evolve as one of the best acoustic pickers in roots music. He combines soulful vocals with insightful songwriting to deliver a compelling solo act that was strong enough to earn him the Colorado Blues Challenge Championship for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014."

"Cary Morin has toured all over the world, and continues to wow audiences everywhere  with his deft picking and unique, passionate lyrics.  “Cradle To The Grave” powerfully carries on the traditions of his native ancestors as well as the Delta masters!  Until next time…" -Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society

"He’s a fantastic fingerstyle guitarist— nimble, yet very soulful. Even when he does show off his skills, as in the ragtime-like blues “Laid Back,” he does so without overplaying. The sentiment expressed in the song always reigns...A delight from start to finish, keeps the blues alive."  -Tom Clarke, Tahoe OnStage, February 2017

"Here's a cat you won't know what to do with other than sit back and enjoy. A Native American finger picking guitarist originally from Montana, he seems to have a lot more in common with Mississippi John Hurt than Redbone. Having proven himself as being able to fill up a stage whether he's by himself or with a cast of thousands, he's earned his spot as Colorado's national treasure of the blues." - Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Cradle To The Grave is an exceptional piece of work from so many perspectives. It is incredibly diverse, running from gospel to Delta blues, and more...A master storyteller, Cary weaves a tapestry of music and song that brings everything full circle. From time to time I hear thins in his phrasing that appear to have been influenced by Bob Dylan...but Cary Morin's style is uniquely Real Deal. From start to finish Cradle To The Grave is a masterpiece. Make room in that trophy case...this is an album deserving of one or more Blues Music Awards. I recommend it highly. One of the things that I found perhaps most impressive is the humility that shines through his music. It also amazes me that this is one man, alone with his guitar. I was held spellbound from start to finish." - Bill Wilson

“Cary Morin is by far one one of the most awarded and celebrated solo artists on the Front Range – winning two CBS solo/blues awards and a FOCOMA Peer Award. His new album “Together” is currently the #1 most played at KRFC Fort Collins. “Together” shows Cary spinning off some of the blues he’s shown the past couple of solo releases, as well the more Americana influenced work with Young Ancients, and reaching into his singer-songwriter roots; displaying yet one more facet of his skill at storytelling, and creating meaningful emotion. In a brief conversation, Cary expressed his desire to get back to some of his roots musically – but for as long as I’ve known him, his roots are far deeper than anything most of us can imagine...”

"...there is no denying this album is an authentic 'what you hear is what you get live' showcase for Cary and his marvellous playing, varied song writing and solid voice can only serve to raise his profile further. I am not sure when he last played in the UK, or indeed if he ever has, but I can imagine him right at home in Acoustic, Folk and Blues venues all over the country."

"Morin finger picks with a controlled sort of reckless abandon, making the frets do his bidding as he navigates up and down the neck of the guitar. Quite impressive!... I think fans of acoustic blues will love this. Morin is an adept guitar player and delivers vocals beautifully. His fame overseas is warranted and one can only hope exposure to American blues fans will get this artist the same recognition at home."

“Top 40 Modern Blues Artists for 2015 #36 Cary Morin (from the album Tiny Town) - The Americana Blues from the finger-picking styles of Native American, Cary Morin, shines on his third album release, Tiny Town. Cary is a member of the Crow nation, and the son of an Air Force officer dad. He grew up in Billings, Montana before relocating and fine-tuning in guitar skills in northern Colorado.”

"A man and a guitar, a lot of soul, and an understanding of the history of soulful men with guitars in American music can sometimes achieve this kind of timelessness in their work - if they have the chops. Cary Morin has the chops and is one of the best acoustic pickers on the scene today... Classic. Order yours today..." -Richard Higgs Co-Host of Folk Salad 89.5 Public Radio Tulsa

“New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013”

“Top Colorado Blues/Rhythm & Blues Artists 1. Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband 2. Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs 3. Lionel Young Band – On Our Way to Memphis 4. Cary Morin – Sing It Louder 5. Papa Juke – Out Of The Blues”

“One Track Mind: Cary Morin, “Sing It Louder” There is a shambling, plain-spoken beauty to this track as Cary Morin, a Crow Indian from North Dakota, sings about dancing his way toward salvation. Powered by some ever-so-fleet fingerstyle guitar and a distinctive vocal — one that combines Van Morrison with a dusty-booted country tinge — “Sing It Louder” will make you want to do just that. It’s only later that the song’s deeper message, the one about salvation, sinks in. And that’s just the beginning of the backstory for ‘Sing It Louder,’...Elsewhere on Morin’s album he traverses an impressive array of styles, from blues and jazz to bluegrass and reggae. But it’s here, on the title track, that he finds both his most memorable groove and perhaps his most heartfelt message of hope in troubled times. It’s great music, for a great cause.”

““Music Maker Relief Foundation artist Cary Morin's laugh-out-loud funny new ragtime song ‘W’ appears on his new album 'Sing It Louder,' out December 6 on Music Maker Relief Foundation with the refrain ‘A beer in my hand is better than two in the Bush.’ Other verses take the point of view of the former president. Morin says, ‘The song explored the possible explanation for how things went so terribly wrong with that administration: what if he really was drinking the whole time?’ 'Sing It Louder' highlights Morin’s deft fingerstyle guitar talents and distinctive songwriting style and showcases Morin’s decades of music experience. A staple of the Fort Collins, CO music scene, the Native American Morin is a stellar songwriter. The town of Fort Collins recently created a public mural in celebration of local musicians, including Morin, serves as testament to Morin’s impact on music in the area.””

““…this recording showcases Morin’s deft fingerstyle guitar and distinctive songwriting style, which has been described as acoustic Native Americana, with strong qualities of jam, reggae, jazz, blues, bluegrass and dance. Tim Duffy, president of Music Maker Relief Foundation, describes Morin as ‘a brilliant guitarist, heartfelt songwriter and soulful singer whose music gives us pause to reflect on life’s great rewards.’””

““Cary might have just given us the secret recipe of the Blues here. Storytelling, songwriting and honesty. Music from the guts really. And while Cary is still unsure of deserving to be called a blues player, we’re not afraid to tell you that his acoustic blues release ‘Sing It Louder’ definitely confirms that he’s not only a blues musician, he’s a great one.””

“Interview & performance with Leyla McCalla accompanied by Cary Morin on guitar”