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"Awesome singer, awesome songwriter. Highly fucking recommended"

Ryan Adams of Lost Highway Records - Stated in his blog!

“Susan Gibson drives songwriting book through Blue Door This article appeared after Carter Sampson opened for Susan Gibson at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City. Former Boston street musician and current Edmond resident Sampson opened the show singer her intricate songs and playing guitar solo. “This one I wrote this afternoon,” she said of her first number. Precious as platinum, Sampson recalled Patsy Cline, Natalie Merchant and Ani Difranco (her auburn dreadlocks tied up with colorful embroidery floss). “What if I was smarter that Einstein’s daughter… would you love me then?” What’s not to love? Sampson’s songs had distinctive lyrical might and musical charm. Mildly creepy but endearing, one’s lyrics involved Carter’s grandfather introducing her to Roy Orbison (a relative she never met on earth) in heaven. “Thank you for giving me your ears,” she concluded.”

Patrick Crane - The Norman Transcript

"With a bevy of beautiful arranged guitar licks and a folky yet fiercely soulful voice. Carter Sampson may well be one of Oklahoma City’s best kept secrets." She continued by stating, "She is a striking individual with a warm and inviting persona."

“This article appeared after Carter Sampson opened for nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Patrice Pike. “Let me digress for a moment to mention the best opening act I’ve seen in some time. Usually, I’m not blown away by the opening act, but Pike was preceded by local singer/songwriter Carter Sampson, who displayed a playfulness and touching vulnerability in her songs. Hopefully, I’ll see her around town and will be able to devote an entire column to her.””

Patrick Crain - Loud Magazine - Loud Magazine