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Carson Henley / Press

“[...] Follow that up with a performance from Seattle’s young soul sensation, Carson Henley, and we’ve got a show today even Al Green would be proud of.”

“It’s not surprising that the multi-talented 26 year-old Henley has reached a whole new level of accomplishment with “100 HOURS”-- his second full length album. Inspired and driven since his debut in 2008, he’s honed his talent with nonstop performing (over 300 shows in the last two years) and utilized every opportunity to get his music heard.”

“Henley's second album is reminiscent of 1960s R&B and soul but stays modern with piano accents and jazzy guitar riffs. You'll want to get up and groove.”

“His sound confirms his rich, soulful roots; but the distinctive, memorable melodies are the fruit of the vine.”

“Verdict: 6/6. With singing ability, songwriting skills, collaborating musicians and production admirable for an unsigned artist releasing his debut album, Carson Henley is one to watch.”

“I think the real star here is Henley's voice.The quality in his voice is excellent and a true rarity in pop music today.Even loves of my life like Katy Perry are at best, mediocre singers with a ton of help from auto-tune and vocal sweetening.And somehow, that's acceptable to us.As a professional appreciator, I want more.I need more than the exact same singer doing the hook on every single hip-hop release.But this guy, has got a fucking voice.I'd compare it to Ray LaMontagne without the sadness and with a little less gravel than a young Joe Cocker. It's smoother than that.What I'd really compare it to is a cup of unaltered coffee.No sugar, no candy flavored creamer, and certainly no Splenda.His voice is robust and full.Flavorful without being watered down or changed to fit weak taste buds. It's hot and satisfying.It really shines on this track and this record.While the 100 Hours project is cool, that voice is what really sets him apart from the massive crowd of musicians out there.”

“How about this for an album concept, no preconceived ideas, lyrics or melodies, just a man with a piano and 100 hours of studio time to create a full LP. Possible? Well a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Seattle by the name of Carson Henley certainly thought so. Rich, soulful roots and distinctive, memorable melodies makes his debut quite unique. Comparisons have been made to The Black Keys. Fire is the firs single taken from the aptly named album '100 Hours'...”

“Carson Henley hails from Seattle where he's part of a big musical family. His mother was a professional musician and his sister – Tess - has already made a name for herself with a couple of subtle, understated soul and smooth jazz sets (check 'em out in our reviews archive). Though it has its own subtlety, Carson's music is much more direct than his sister's. It's not quite in your face but it has a rock element quite missing from Tess's work. Asked to describe it I'd put it in the same bag as Hall and Oates and Robin Thicke though in places I can also hear the influence of bands like The Eagles while the opening cut, 'Ain't Gonna Dry Yours Tears' seems to borrow heavily from Ace's pop classic 'How Long'. Fans of that kind of pop will love tracks here like the bright 'Give It Up', the catchy 'Fire' and the rolling 'Where We Started'.”

“Originating from Seattle, Henley's soulful ministrations elicit elements of the city's grungy past, with hints of Nirvana and Mud Honey tucked around swaths of brass horns and pop inflected choruses. '100 Hours' is led by trembling bass lines and Henley's scratchy bluesy vocals, invoking Americana at its best. A classically trained pianist, R&B aficionado and lover of pop music, Henley has created a textured record that finds its home on pop radio whilst simultaneous invoking imagery of dingy dance clubs full of sweaty teenagers on balmy Southern nights. The album’s first single, 'Fire' showcases the songwriter’s soulful voice, funky blues instrumentals, and contrasting harmonies with punchy keyboards, funky bass, finely plucked guitar and an unrelenting dance tempo.”

“Henley himself admitted in a documentary on his “One Hundred Hours Project” that he felt this was a make or break moment for his musical career, and given he went into the studio without all of the seven songs being written or even conceived, it’s hard not to be impressed with his results that reach from every corner of modern R&B.”

“My Main man Carson Henley has new music out on iTunes if ur a true music lover he's the real deal”

“The audience is rapt and singing along from the first note—he's a magnetic performer and the perfect choice to start the show. "Do it, Carson!" people yell. They whoop and holler and explode with applause at the end of the song. The cheers continue through "We Can Work It Out," "For Once in My Life," and "Uptight (Everything's Alright)." It's all relentless and contagious.”

“Buzz Track: Fire Carson Henley, a 26 year old singer-songwriter from Seattle just released his debut EP. Carson worked and collaborated on this project with people including buzzing artist Allen Stone, Tess Henley (who is working with The Roots at Larry Gold’s “The Studio”), Grammy-winning engineer Kory Kruckenburg from Pickwick, Grammy-winning engineer Brian Lucey (who has worked with The Black Keys and The Shins), and James McCallister (who plays for Sufjan Stevens, Brandi Carlile, and Ivan & Alyosha). For fans of Allen Stone, Gavin DeGraw, and Matt Nathanson.”

"Let’s give a warm welcome to Carson Henley on Indie Shuffle. Carson’s got that classic bluesy rock style with raw and demanding vocals. Hailing from Seattle, Carson may be on the rise soon… and with good reason. Carson Henley’s single, “Fire,” emits pure funkadelic rock that brings mass appeal. He’s got the type of classic style that has yet to expire; his soulful voice, funky blues instrumentals, and contrasted harmonies make the perfect recipe for an infectious single. Punchy keyboards, funky bass, finely plucked guitar and a highly danceable tempo tie it all together… this track has it all.

"Vintage, gritty, or soulful? The answer is all of the above. Introducing Carson Henley, an up-and-coming Seattle-based funkadelic. Take a listen and you'll hear how he effortlessly blends the hook-driven melodies of Motown with the ruggedness of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Henley defines himself and his music as a "somewhat refined Joe Cocker." However you define him, it's incredibly difficult to ignore this Washington soul, so read on to see how deep we dive into the life of Carson in our featured interview."

“While there are dozens of talented musicians who will be sharing their love with the Lovefest crowds, here are five artists on the bill that come with the Guerrilla Candy seal of approval: Carson Henley: The soulful Carson Henley recently released his latest album 100 Hours and his self-described green-eyed soul should provide a great soundtrack for a summer day in the park.”

“The resulting album is an impressive collection of riveting rock ‘n’ soul songs, which made their public debut at showcases at the SXSW Music Conference and Festival last March in Austin, Texas. If you’re a fan of James Morrison, Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5 or even Joe Cocker, you’ll love Henley’s music.”

“Henley has proven himself not only to be a fantastic singer but also a remarkable musician. If this is what he can do under pressure we’d love to hear what he can come up in a traditional recording process.”

“The show was amazing, and if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can check out Carson’s Facebook post he made the morning after the show. I have no doubt that Carson will have many more events like this in the upcoming years, as he continues to release soulful tunes that can get just about anyone off their feet and dance. His commitment and dedication to his 100 Hours album proves that nothing can stand in his way.”

“The album starts out with “Ain’t Gonna Dry Your Tears,” which musically has an eerie resemblance to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The album’s first single “Fire” is filled with attitude and swag that will leave your head bobbing by the end of the song. The highlight for me on this album was the song “Go Under.” The song is a slow, marching positive tune that reminds you there is always two ways to tackle your goals. It’s all up to you in the end.”

“Seattle singer/songwriter, Carson Henley, was looking for a way to stand out among the city’s vast pool of musicians. Talk about goal setting, Henley gave himself 100 hours to write, produce, and record a full album. Don’t miss this talented Seattleites album release party.”

“Carson didn't just find his sound, he found his soul. This music lives. It breathes, it aches and pains, it loves and breaks. This record is something I was missing.”

“Every so often, when the synthesized dust settles upon the music industry, we have the opportunity to see certain talents quite a bit clearer. It’s no shock good music remains exactly that and, ever timeless, we love and feel the classics as if they were our own. There is not many fish in today’s proverbial sea that make us listen with the type of unique familiarity that leaves us nostalgic and longing for decades past (except the 80’s and the late 90’s, of course). Most of these passionate artists are rewarded with the task of independent releases, low-paying gigs, and their own fair share of hard day’s nights. And yet, they grind it out nobly for no other sake than music’s own. Carson Henley is one of Seattle’s very own road warriors. With enough musical talent and charisma to dive into just about anything, Carson’s music is precisely that which proudly raises the banner: Soulful.”

“The Henleys, with their enviable combination of toweringly soulful pipes, genuine musical chops, and wholesome good looks – but who vexingly perform separately on the same bills – have fast become the best “undiscovered” act in the city; delivering the kind of performances at places like the hip Edgewater Lounge at Seattle’s Pier 67 that without fail has tables and chairs pushed aside as the laid back lodge-themed atmosphere gives way to full bore dance parties.”

“Carson Henley’s latest album release, 100 Hours, is a very true testament to who he is portrayed as an artist. Almost every review of Henley as an artist describes him as an extremely talented vocalist with upbeat yet relaxed catchy rock rhythms. Many compare him to artists like Gavin Rossdale because of the combination of his style of music and the fine-grit voice that he has. 100 Hours exemplifies all of these parts of Henley, an album that you could put on and listen to on repeat whether you’re home by yourself relaxing or having your friends over for drinks.”

“Indie artist Carson Henley has been growing in popularity since the June 26th release of his newest album, 100 Hours. The album itself is not only packed with refreshingly excellent tracks, but the story behind the making of the record is truly inspiring. [...] 100 Hoursis a stunning album that brings a fresh sound to the world of music. With influences that include Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and The Beatles, Carson Henley describes his musical style as “Funkadelic Rock”. There isn’t any of that auto tune garbage to be found here. Henley’s sound relies on pure talent and soulful, gritty vocals. While his voice is reminiscent of Jason Mraz with a lot more soul, it is really an injustice to his hard work and talent to compare Carson Henley to other more well-known artists. He has managed to create a distinct sound that is all his own.”

“Carson Henley just finished up [a new project] that kinda blew me away. For 100 straight waking hours, he, with the help of a worldclass producer, and a bevy of fantastic musicians (just from watching the trailer, I see Tess Henley & Allen Stone) locked himself away in a studio to write, compose, learn, and record an entire album. Yeah, that's right. An entire record, start to finish, in 100 hours. Seems like a cross between the best and the stupidest idea ever, which I think is the line any true artist needs to learn to walk. Judging from the results, Carson found his sound. If you are a NW audiophile like myself, then you no doubt already know and are probably a fan of Carson Henley, as he has been one of the driving forces in the Seattle Soul scene since his 2008 debut album. [...] But damn! What a talented family.”

"It's not surprising that the multi-talented 26 year-old Henley has reached a whole new level of accomplishment with "100 HOURS"-- his second full length album. Inspired and driven since his debut in 2008, he's honed his talent with nonstop performing (over 300 shows in the last two years) and utilizing every opportunity to get his music heard."

"We hear a lot of new music here at EF and it takes a lot to impress us these days. Every once in a while though we uncover a singer-songwriter who knocks our socks off and we can't wait to tell you all about them. 26-year-old Carson Henley is one such singer-songwriter. Hailing from Seattle Henley has been working hard trying to ensure that he stands out from the pack with his album 100 Hours."

"Extremely crisp, clear vocals and a tight band make this CD quite the pop rock gem. These songs could easily be the theme song to a television show, and they're going to get stuck in your head.”

Editor's Pick - OurStage.com

“Carson's music is soulful, passionate and vivacious...stage presence is fantastic and a real joy to see live!”

“Layering of vocals and harmonies on Never Comin’ Home was a big hook for me. Sounds like the real deal, I could hear this on the radio and in film and TV!””

Craig Streaman, A&R Manager - Taxi.com - The World's Leading Independent A&R Company

"Are you kidding me? These kids are NOT from Seattle." About Carson and his sister, Tess.

Don O'Neil - Show Host - KIRO 97.3FM - The NW's Largest Radio Station

“EDITOR'S CHOICE and TOP 25 Rock CDs of 2008 honors”

“Very cool…really nice interplay between vocal phrasing and the groove of the songs. VERY INFECTIOUS! ”