Carry The Storm / Press

“Buy it, Simply put! This is one of my favorite albums and hasn’t left my rotating group of artists since I got my hands on it. If you like Pantera, Killswitch Engage or InFlames then you will like this album. Cant wait to see them live and look forward to what they do on future recordings”

“It’s a nice mix of shreddy and catchy.”

“First to hit the stage was local Houston group Carry The Storm, filling in for the previously-billed Rise To Remain but certainly giving no reason to be disappointed by the former group’s absence. Hyping up the band’s first full-length CD, From Nothing, was frontman Nick Koumbis, who has a voice like an angel…with a deviated septum, that is…and a real doom-and-gloom style to back it up.”

“Some bands don’t understand how a well produced album can really propel you to the next level. This album sounds great tonally in every media player I have listened to it in. Great recording overall! There are a lot of moving parts here between consistant changing guitar medlies to hard hitting double kick with tom works. Vocals and bass are right in the pocket. Production is excellent. AMP Score: 9.5”

“Carry the Storm displayed some nifty shredding from guitarist Kelly FitzSimons and brought the house down with the band's version of Pantera's "A New Level." Both groups displayed the chops that could land them their own headlining showcase gigs someday soon.”