Carried By Six / Press

“We had arrived just in time for Carried By Six. I have got to tell you that this band really kicked the shit out of me...”

“Of all the demos and self released CDs of local Santa Barbara bands, the songs and the performance on (The Carried By Six Demo) is the best I've heard in over a decade." "You guys have what it takes to get signed by a major.”

Local Music Critic - N/A

“To Carried By Six Hello from Australia! Your CD that you sent was a huge success! People were ringing in from all over wanting to know who you are and where they can get your CD. We got 15 requests for your songs that night! I'm surprised you are not signed yet.”

Michael and Daniel - The Metal Chamber AUSTRALIA

“I wasn’t able to retrieve a set list, but there was no need because everything I heard come from the stage was incredible. This was an audio/visual experience that blew me away. The stage show, along with the Industrial, Metal sound was original and interesting to say the least”

“The singer is really various, going from a clean and low voice that reminds me of Type O Negative, to a distorted voice that reminds me of that of Wayne Static or Phil Anselmo of "Vulgar...". I've found really nice all the parts where these styles alternate quickly, until they are even together.”

“Last up & the band I was really here to see was Carried by Six. This was the first time I've seen them & I was impressed. The band before them had scarred almost everyone away but they went on with the show & for the many brave souls who stuck it out, there was a reward.”

"...The awesome Carried By Six manages to have a "Goth-like" feel to it's shows, like Marilyn Manson, only better."

“This Sucks”

Penis Boy - Anytown USA