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"truly an infectious artist that possess a "Gold Standard" - look, sound, appeal, talent and vocal passion, persona and presence.   From start to finish 'The Spectrum' is an impressive catalogue of music... warm and earthy, highly passionate, uplifting... The pin drop moments are amazing, and CaroMia's passioante falsetto is to die for." 

The Muses Muse

“The Spectrum" is a mix of vintage soul and r&b influences with nods to gospel and folk, performed with Appalacian instrumentation”

“This X-Factor quality clearly makes Caromia a marquee talent. No doubt she has solid musical instincts behind the microphone. This CD from Caromia delivers 10 compelling tracks all providing an interesting snapshot of an amazing artist with thought provoking lyrical wisdom with messages that are positive, passionate and extremely captivating. From flowing “Just a River” to heartfelt “The Real World” to striking “Be Kind” to smooth as silk “Nothin’ Like You” to melodic Bird on My Shoulder” this CD has something for just about everyone.”

"CaroMia was made with astoundingly soulful vocal texture and her allure goes far beyond her darling, sweet looks. If it's true emotion and vocal prowess you're seeking in an artist, CaroMia is a must hear, a must see."

Peggy Ratusz (Asheville veteran musician and talent booker)

“CaroMia Tiller, who goes by just her first name on her album, The Spectrum, has one of those voices that won't be stopped. Capable of multiple octaves and endless acrobatics, she not just sings but leaps, soars and swoops through her songs.”

"No box will this young and beautiful bohemian be put in. In one song alone you could hear many influences—Blues, Gospel, Country, R&B and Soul. It’s groovy and cool, it’s warm and compelling. It is toe tappin’ and head boppin’ on one tune and then an aching slow burn on the next. Everybody gets what they come for when they hear CaroMia and her two comrades perform live. You’ll walk away feeling like you’ve just come off a counselor’s couch, a preacher’s prayer meetin’, a lover’s bed, a hoedown or a long hot bath.

WNC Women's Magazine