Caroline Ty / Press

“'Ty operates largely in a category of her own...her voice has a bold, post-punk quality...there is a mischievous melodrama...which cannot fail to captivate'.”

“From New Order to Dusty Springfield. songstress Caroline Ty draws her influences from strong vocalists with a story to tell. Her latest EP is a collection of four electro-jazz tracks that marry political comment with some seriously infectious beats.”

“'Sounding like one of Polly Harvey's darker tracks, 'Beyond Repair' has a weighty beat and solid bass tones for Caroline's voice to drift over. The rhythm section is like Lunascape crossed with Ava Adore era Smashing Pumpkins...This record gets better the further you get through it..it really shows what Caroline's voice can do to a song'”

“'glittered with underground funky grooves dashed with a fusion of dub sounds...has the low end groove that your bass woofer would crave..the EP is very experimental and definitely has an original flare to it'.”

“‘Far away percussion and spacey synths play host to a woozily seductive vocal. As everything goes off at odd angles, there’s something strangely obsessive about Caroline’s declarations of devotion. Like a stalker. But a stalker you’d say hello to’.”

“‘if Nick Cave was a lady……and was a fan of jazz music, then he'd be a little bit like Caroline Ty…..exotic rhythms and big vocals, crashing in waves against a pebbly beach of contemporary lyrics and new-wave poetry’.”