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"As a singer, Caroline Herring's deeply beautiful voice sets her apart. And her songwriting is just as distinctive. "Camilla", Herring's latest collection of songs, combines these gifts to present an artist who is fearless and uncompromising in her work. As a witness, a historian, a truth teller, a gypsy, a mother, a sister, a lover, Herring takes the listener on a journey with her head and her heart, and there is no more enlightening experience one could have."

"This young lady has already carved her own niche in the world of music. She's a critic's favorite and her music has popped up in some rather prestigious places. Camilla will no doubt fan the flames of her career even higher as this ten track album probably captures this captivating young artist at the zenith of her career."

"This new Caroline Herring record Camilla is the best thing I've heard in awhile; maybe I'm biased cause i love her voice, music and spirit."

““From her 2001 debut Twilight to her fourth release Golden Apples of The Sun, she’s never wanted for critical acclaim, but her latest work, Camilla takes things to a whole new level entirely…With music of this caliber, she’s going to be a name to be reckoned with for a long time to come.””

"Caroline Herring has come a long way since the Austin Music Awards proclaimed her the best new artist back in 2002. In 2012, she made the list of the top 50 Texas singers of all time! For those who don’t know, she sings with a clear voice and a vibrato quaver that makes her the Joan Baez of country music. So why isn’t this woman a major star? The answer may lie with her gutsy determination to take on the big issues that modern country music buried under a mound of nostrums and slick production..."

"Golden Apples of the Sun (is) a work of magical intimacy and immediacy. Listening to the album, it's as if she's right there with you, telling her powerful tales to an audience of one."

Shane Harrison - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Herring's vocals are clear and lovely, evoking the classic voices of Baez, Collins, and Mitchell, yet grounded in the country dirt of Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, and Eliza Gilkyson."

Dirty Linen

“The bottom line here is this, if you want to hear a brilliant artist that will move you in a way you haven't been moved, who has an uncanny talent to totally and effortlessly immerse you in the sound of her voice, this is it…”

Austin Music City