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“An articulate and thoughtful singer/songwriter whose career spans a quarter of a century, Caroline Doctorow has been responsible for some of the sweetest songs of the modern folk idiom. Lately however, she’s changed her tack, choosing instead to focus on the catalogs of heritage artists that initially inspired her. Her latest album, Dreaming in Vinyl, is less specific, drawing instead on a wide array of songs that have made some sort of imprint over the course of the past 50 years. With sterling production and sparse arrangements by Pete Kennedy, each selection reflects a knowing intuition, thanks to tender renditions of both classic and lesser known tunes by exemplary artists that have clearly had an influence on Doctorow herself -- Dylan, Dion, Donovan, Paul Simon, Randy Newman and the like. Consequently, her renditions of the Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning,” Dylan’s “Time Passes Slowly,” the Beatles’ Across the Universe” and the Hollies’ “Hard Hard Year”

“Last year's wasn't a tribute show -- "it wasn't about sounding just like Richard and Mimi Fariña," said Guthrie Center director George Laye. "It was their interpretation of the art of Richard and Mimi Fariña, and it worked so well. That's an important thing. You can see Elvis and Beatles impersonators, and that's all well and good -- it keeps the music alive. But this was a fresh rendering of the art, and I thought that was just wonderful." ”

“ The range is remarkable, from fellow Texan Sara Hickman's upbeat take on Listen to the Radio and the rich resolve Jerry Jeff Walker gives Talk to Me While I'm Listening, to the gentle caress found in Caroline Doctorow's version of Trouble in the Fields and the folk finesse imbued in Edwina Hayes' read of It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go. Credit executive producers Pete and Maura Kennedy, longtime members of Griffith's backing band, with assembling such an all-star cast, one that also includes the late John Stewart, Red Molly, Carolyn Hester, Stacy Earle, Mark Stuart, Amy Rigby, Tom Russell, Julie Gold and Eric Brace among the contributors. What a remarkable tribute and such a compelling collection at that. ”

“She aptly describes her new album, “Little Lovin’ Darling,” released June 29, as “one part Donovan wannabe and the other part Hank Williams lonesome,” but the music on this record, in true folk process style, runs the gamut of influences, some folk and some not, from The Incredible String Band to the Hollies to Woody Guthrie.”

“Caroline Doctorow Sweet to Me (Narrow Lane Records) Caroline Doctorow’s musical career has bequeathed an admirable repertoire, although she still resides well below the surface as far as popular acclaim is concerned. Regardless, with a rustic back porch stance that finds her akin to Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Judy Collins and Lucinda Williams, she has all the makings of an understated star. Hiring Pete Kennedy to helm her new album, the aptly titled Sweet To Me, offers all the more reason to believe that Doctorow is ready to break beyond her limited following. Likewise, an assortment of assured covers – Gordon Lightfoot’s “For Lovin’ Me,” Donovan’s “Young Girl Blues” and the ever-reliable “Gentle on my Mind” among them – gives added impetus to bring in a bigger audience. Happily though, Doctorow’s beguiling delivery and seductive prowess stand up on their own and suggest that Doctorow is not only adept but accomplished.”

“Caroline’s rich, warm voice fit’s the songs exquisitely. If you have never gotten into Farina's songs, Another Country is the perfect introduction. If you already know Farina's work, you will love how Caroline Doctorow and company do them.”

“With a stirring vocal that recalls Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell, and Judy Collins, she takes the Farinas' timeless tunes and delivers them with a grace and eloquence that's pure and profound.”

“ This year Summerfest presented a tribute to Richard and Mimi Farina, the late songwriter and his singing partner/activist wife, through the vocal performances of Caroline Doctorow, daughter of the celebrated novelist, and better-than-the-originals arrangements of guitarist Pete Kennedy, who produced “Another Country,” an album of Doctorow singing Richard Farina songs. The duo selected some of Farina’s most interesting works for “Another Country,” including “Hard Loving Loser,” “Birmingham Sunday,” and “The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood,” In Doctorow’s Summerfest performance, the poetry and tension of Farina’s moody music was conveyed through the surround-sound of Doctorow’s band, including Mick Hargraves on semi-acoustic bass and backing vocals, Andrew Carillo on electric sitar and electric guitar”

“Here are some additional performing songwriters to check out from around he country-ledgendary to new kids on the block, They represent a diversity of styles, from revival-era folk to genre-bending new folk and are just the tip of the large iceberg of talent on the scene:Eric Anderson, Catie Curtis, Kris Delmhorst and Caroline Doctorow...”

“You think you know Caroline Doctorow? “Something Pulls Me to You,” the opening track of the singer-songwriter’s new album, leaves behind flowery folk for Hank Williams lonesome.”

“Can you imagine magic? If you can, then you have some idea of what the evening was like; something that does not happen often and when it does, the feelings and music usually rise to a level only the people in the room can truly understand. This performance was at that caliber.”

“Caroline Doctorow and her primary collaborator, producer Pete Kennedy, succeed admirably on this CD. Most of Caroline’s versions are every bit as good as the originals and there are even a couple, “Hard Lovin’ Loser” and “Sell-Out Agitation Waltz,” that I think are far better...”

“there is a fine line between treating the songs with the respect they deserve and treating them as holy artefacts to be revered rather than interpreted. It’s a line that singer-songwriter Caroline Doctorow treads with the skill of a beam-balancing gymnast.”

“Caroline Doctorow came to town with her band the Steamrollers for a showcase of her brand of folk music. Mixing original tunes from her seven albums with well chosen covers, she quickly made fans of those who had not heard her before.”

“An impressive New Bedford Summerfest debut for Caroline. I managed to get in just before they closed the doors to the Whaling Museum Theatre for the powerful tribute to Richard and Mimi Farina delivered by Caroline and company. For me, this was one of the highlights of the 2010 festival.”

CHARLIE BACKFISH/WUSB Stony Brook - The University Cafe-Sunday Street

“With a soft and mesmerizing voice, Long Island’s own Caroline Doctorow has established herself as leading force on the folk scene that continues to gain mementum with each new album”

“Another Country/Top Alums 2009, Top Caroline Doctorow /Top Artist List 2009 Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists Based on 13449 airplays from 142 different DJs”

“Fans of the Farinas music will absolutely love this disc and for those not familiar with them, it will be a splendid introduction. ”

"For Ms. Doctorow, making "Another Country" has closed a cirle whose tracing began in her girlhood..."

“KAXE-Currents "Best New Music"”

“Farina's songs and lyrics really couldn't have wished for a better treatment then the one provided here by Doctorow and Kennedy. Simply gorgeous!”

“Another Country is an album that enters the folk canon as one of the best collections of the recording of specific artists. Pete Kennedy’s dead-on production is yet another reason why this may be one of the best albums ever made by a Long Island-based artist.”

“#6 Roots Music Report/Folk 2/13 #29 Top Album and #25 Top Song /Folk Radio, Jan #2 Album FAR Chart/KTRU Houston”

““Doctorow has captured the stark beauty of Farina's lyrics and melded it with her stunning vocal performances and the incredible chops and co-production of highly seasoned and much-sought-after instrumentalist Pete Kennedy..””

““ANOTHER COUNTRY” is a masterful pairing of Doctorow's voice, which is ideal for these songs, with the brilliance of Kennedy's production and guitar work. "Another Country" fills a long-evident void and has quickly acquired a prominent position on my playlist on Sunday Street...””