Caroline Brooks / Press

"While Kate Hudson's 'A Little Bit of Heaven' was a lot of bad movie, one excellent thing to come out of it was my introduction to Caroline Brooks, whose song, "Parachute", was used in the movie's trailer. Now Brooks is set to release her next smashing single and ETonline scored your exclusive world premiere of the sumptuous music video for 'Tomorrow, Tonight'... And if you like what you hear (which you will), "Tomorrow, Tonight" hits iTunes on April 10!"

"Caroline Brooks is bursting onto the music scene as equal parts saint and sinner... She has reason to be optimistic that bigger and better things are coming."

"Caroline Brooks is a name you may not be too familiar with now, but with a sound reminiscent of a female OneRepublic / edgier Sara Bareilles, this singer/songwriter is coming up fast in the music industry. With her new single, “Tomorrow, Tonight” out now on iTunes, along with the accompanying online video release, Brooks is on the rise to being a household name."

"The listener is immediately snatched up and whisked along by the music’s irresistible flow... Brooks’ vocals soar towards a grand flesh-prickling zenith.Very impressive! ...[She] utilizes both the emotional drive of the music and the vivd imagery of the lyrics as the basis for a poignant tale."

"She's really, really talented. I predict a very successful career."

Paul Williams, ASCAP President

"You may not recognize Caroline Brooks at this moment, but that’s about to change!"

"If you aren’t familiar with Caroline yet, just you wait. I predict that she’s going to be huge! Her music is like a ray of sunshine, and her sweet and down-to-earth personality will definitely take her far.... I think big things are definitely coming her way!"