Caroline Bauer / Press

“For 22-year-old Caroline Bauer, music was never something she thought she would be known for in the public sphere. “The private experience of writing a song in and of itself was enough to sustain me for a long time,” the acoustic songstress says. Yet Bauer’s melodic magic created by her tender honey-dripping voice and perfectly paired acoustic guitar unfailingly pulls audiences into her vulnerable, honest world. With her EP Goodbye Beautiful out, her “Last Train Home” music video gaining national acclaim and her first album on the horizon, this EW Next Big Thing finalist is only at the dawn of what is sure to be an illuminating career.”

““Last Train Home” is a melancholy and wise love story told by Bauer’s acoustic guitar strumming and sweet, pure vocals.”

“The wispy songstress is one of Eugene’s best-kept secrets, but doubtfully for much longer.”

““Goodbye Beautiful” is a fitting title for such a short little ep. Caroline Bauer’s voice is haunting, and perfectly partnered with just a guitar. By the time you begin to really let go and let the music take you where it wants to go… it’s over. Hopefully more will follow.”

“Bauer’s voice is a raw, sparse and sweet instrument. It’s a more subdued sound than Mitchell’s, combining the sprightliness of Newsom with the world-weary burden of Cat Power. Her guitar playing is simple, gentle arpeggios mixing with a rootsy Patsy Cline saunter, and her lyrics expose a wisdom seemingly beyond the years of the fresh-faced musician.”

“Bauer is calendar young, but she’s a musician wise beyond her years.”

“Bauer’s songwriting reveals an unrefined and folksy vibe that is balanced by the pure, authentic nature of her love songs. Relying solely on her voice and guitar (and the occasional appearance of her ukulele), Bauer creates an unprocessed sound that maintains its innocence. “It’s well-produced but also raw,” she says. “Of all the emotions, love is the feeling that inspires me the most,” Bauer explains. And love is what this singer appears to know best. Bauer’s music is honest and vulnerable, and that vulnerability is what creates the softness that is so appealing.”

“...One of the best folk sets I have seen for a while. Her angelic voice and precision guitar skills melted everyone's heart. She is also a true lyricist and can write a song that everyone can relate to. She may be young in her career however you would not notice from her outstanding ability to hold the crowd. Keep your eyes on this one because she will really go far.”