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“Ringing like the songs of mockingbirds on an early Tennessee morning, the harmonious voices of Emily and Ben Roberts sing stories of love, hope and ambition. Equipped with nothing but their voices, a harmonica, a suitcase-turned bass drum, a tambourine and an acoustic guitar, the husband-and-wife duo espouse the sincerity and etiquette of traditional Southern music. Hailing from opposite ends of the country, the two met by chance by attending Visible Music College in Lakeland, Tennessee. It was here that the towering, long-haired and bearded Ben Roberts would meet and fall in love with his raven-haired future wife and musical companion. “I was in love with her at first sight,” Ben says. Although, it took several months of convincing to even get her to hang out with me.” Emily jokingly interrupts, “By saying he’d help me with guitar.””

“RPM Management’s Americana duo, Carolina Story, has signed a licensing deal with Razor & Tie. The duo’s song, “Someone Else,” found on the husband-and-wife’s album, Home, receives song placement on The CW’s Hart of Dixie, tonight (Feb. 19) at 8 p.m. EST. “Emily and Ben have such a full catalog of great music and we are thrilled to sign such an emerging talent to a licensing deal,” says Razor & Tie executive Brooke Primont. “We have had a great response for music placement and look forward to what’s in store for the duo.” Carolina Story has had other songs placed on MTV’s Teen Mom and VH1’s Rehab with Dr. Drew. Carolina Story is comprised of husband-and-wife Ben and Emily Roberts. They formed as a duo in 2008 and have independently released two studio albums, including their most recent Home. Carolina Story is currently working in the studio with producer Blake Chancey.”

“Ben and Emily Roberts’ lives revolve around those stories. More than five years, 400 shows in 36 states and untold amounts of people have combined to make those memories worth the hard work that the lady and gentleman of modern folk-duo Carolina Story have committed to. Sitting down with Ben and Emily is like sitting down with old friends while watching the stories behind the music come to life. They have a unique way of making fans feel like family.”

“Carolina Story’s influences reach far down to the roots, and their songwriting mirrors Ryan Adams’ evocative shamed-but-intrepid tone. Since the band has already contradicted the Nashville musician couple mold and toured extensively as independent artists, there are likely very few boundaries for them. ”

“With rustic preferences, Roberts believes music can bring listeners back to a time past: “Whether they were harder or more simple, I don’t know. But there was more authenticity. And that’s what I think our generation wants; I know I want it. And I want Carolina Story’s music to reflect that.””

“Like this one, “most of their songs have come from the people they have met or personal experiences, and translate into stories about the human condition that everyone can relate to.” This, my friends, is the foundation of folk music, and this is a truly authentic representation of it. Carolina Story has such a unique sound rooted in Folk/Americana/Old Country/Roots Music. Their harmonies are serenading and create a vibe that is very easy to listen to. Their live show not only rests on their voices and Ben’s guitar, but incorporates harmonicas, a kick drum and tambourines. This is a duo you don’t want to miss, and their latest album falls right along side acts like The Civil Wars and Good Old War”

“Then, on the way home, I heard my latest favorite new song on a CD that a new friend of ours that just moved into East Nashville gave to us this past week. After meeting them at their first performance at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts’ Music in the Lobby, the husband/wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts that call themselves ‘Carolina Story’ are not only as authentic a duet you’ll find anywhere, but they are just as nice people as they are musically gifted together. The song aforementioned on the drive home, titled ‘Cheers To Loving Me’, seemed to wrap up this past week’s supermoon after effects and ride perfectly from where I was sitting. ”

“It's meant as a compliment when I say Carolina Story may induce vomiting.The husband and wife duo that played their ethereal folk pop Friday at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, are the most adorable couple ever, causing romantics to swoon and nihilists to keel over and heave.”

“In a world full of ever emerging artists and a continual pursuit of new music, you may let Carolina Story pass you by;this,my friend is a mistake you do not want to make.”

“For Ben Roberts and Emily Olson Roberts, first comes love and then their story”

“Sponsored by Anchor Artists Agency, with hearts to serve, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Joy Whitlock ventures out on “Traveling Troubadours- More Than A Show ” a tour dedicated to reach the lost. Whitlock will be traveling beside sixth season’s American Idol contestant Sean Michel and new husband and wife duo Carolina Story as they take their ministry to churches, homeless shelters, hospitals and more across the country. The tour kicks off in Batesville, AR on April 7 and will carry through the spring drawing to a close in Texarkana, TX on May 3. “The Traveling Troubadours is a chance to do something unheard of. It is a chance to give more than just a performance,” says Whitlock. “We are all excited to be a part of these beginnings.” ”