Carolena 'Juicy Flute' / Press

"Playing to the intimate LitClub crowd at the Luna, Carolena’s hot jazz flute was the perfect end to another sultry day. Carolena strutted across the stage a la Mick Jagger, playing the flute sometimes to the ceiling and sometimes to the floor. As an added surprise, she has a voice well-suited to jazz–you’re not quite sure where the instrumental ends and the voice begins. It all blends seamlessly together."

Hot Ginger Tea

"Cubana staged some luscious flute play from the Juicy Flute Groovy Quartet. The band’s sound was so distinctly fresh to the ear and mind. Smooth jazzy tunes from Carolena de la Norte AKA Juicy Flute was a cool addition to the jazz scene."

The Beat Magazine

“Brass Attack At Jax Posted on February 22, 2009 SOME OF L.A.’S TOP HORN PLAYERS GET DOWN WITH PAPALEE Last week some of L.A.’s top brass sat in with Papalee at Jax. Special guests included Bijon Watson (trumpet), Tom Evans (sax), Louis Taylor (sax), Dave Bass (sax & flute) and Carolena (a.k.a. Juicy Flute).”

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