Carol Chambers / Press

“Carol will be singing at The Dade City Business Center on 4/20/2013 in the lovely town of Dade City,Florida.One of her song's will be You Are,with a few more of her great song's.e-mail @ bake-off@clg-united.com”

Derrick Kelly - kelly's

“Carol will be online on blogtalkradio doing an interview with Carlton Burgess about her music on 1/10/2013, @ 8:30am Thursday morning. Come and join her on this special occasion.”

“Carol chambers, A very talented woman whom is very highly anointed and appointed In todays music world. Carol has been singing all her life starting out with... The Community Caravan Singers of Newark, New Jersey. Traveling from state to state giving God praise. Until this day Carol is still striving to be a messenger for the Lord.”

Marshell Marc - Marcs