Carmen Rodgers / Press

“Rodgers lets the listener (and her man) know from the get go where things stand, opening with a defiant tone on the neo-soul midtempo, "Tell Your Story": "Tell your story at the door / 'cause I've heard it all before / and now I'm not so sure if I want this love anymore." By the time of the terrific next song, the acoustic gem "Home," Carmen is more reflective but just as resolved to end the relationship: "You say you want to come home / but home is where the heart lived / and I just want to move on / so should you."”

“Now, six years later, Rodgers is back and fiercer than ever. The starlet is on the verge of releasing two major projects – Intermission, which features heartfelt single "What Hurts You," and her sophomore album The Bitter Suite, which is sweet sounding, but lyrically focusing on rebuilding life after a sour relationship. Both collections focus on love, but in different areas, and feature a variety of sounds.”