Carmen Rizzo / Press

“The go-to producer for artists who want to push the creative envelope”


"Cutting edge electronic artist"

"This is maybe my favorite album you've ever done. i love it!"

Chris Douridas -DJ KCRW

“Electronic guru”


“Niyaz sound like an Iranian version of Portishead ”

New York Music Daily

“Rizzo has worked with the likes of Coldplay, K.D. Lang, Alanis Morissette and Paul Oakenfold, and brings to the project all the consummate, knob-twiddling expertise that you would expect of a two-time Grammy nominee.”

TIME Magazine

“Rizzo has used his successes in mainstream music to fund and fuel his love for the music of the world. Electrofone might be a boutique, but its goods are worthy of broad attention. ... He is helping redefine what it means to be an independent musician, and only further proving that quality has nothing to do with quantity.”

Derek Beres - The Huffington Post

“Textured rhythms and emotive electronic pulsations underscore this dreamy long player.... Carmen's sultry sound is the perfect soundtrack for a chilled evening behind closed doors.”

Jason Bentley, Music Director - KCRW

"Listening to your new album and it’s gorgeous!! "

Anne Litt DJ-KCRW

"Niyaz, coupled by Rizzo's fantastic production ear, made that trio an evolutionary force in contemporary Middle Eastern music".

“Front cover of USA today Life section (w/photo)-Hidden treasure fall music guide-Top pick!”

USA Today

“Carmen Rizzo uses instruments, synths, beats (and some strings and brass) to make the group even more shamanic and emotional, as on the utterly breathtaking "Orphaned Child," where the voices seem to be calling from the wilderness into the void...”

All Music Guide

“Master of Chill.....Listening to Carmen's album is like knowing him very well..... Warm, Relaxed, intelligent and full of depth.....The vibe is one.... So 'feel good' and most of all ' feel relaxed' .... A brilliantly produced album”

Tom Holkenborg - Junkie XL

“...Rizzo proves to be the perfect sympathetic foil for Huun Huur Tu, taking what they do and heightening and shading it, as with "Ancestors Call," where the shamanic side of Tuva stands to the fore.”


“Lush electronics, beautiful string arrangements and those incredible voices that defy any notions that you might have of what a human voice SHOULD be capable of. This is fusion music at it's most creative- one of those rare projects where different cultures beautifully collide...”

Global Noize

“Huun Huur Tu found a collaborator with strength of spirit and art...more than just a remix project or another production job, standing as a piece of purity, spirituality and natural energy. Eternal...will leave an indelible impression as a milestone recording in Tuvan musical tradition.”

BC Blog Critics

“A beautiful journey by one of our homegrown electronic mavericks, truly beautiful.”


“Unbelievably cool! An absolute pleasure in listening!”

Ken Jordan - The Crystal Method

“The crowd was suddenly entranced by continuous ambient sounds as Rizzo's rampant, exotic tones hypnotized the pack. Everyone inched closer to the stage like dancing insects attracted to Rizzo's narcotic, Persian-influenced sounds”

UC Riverside Highlander