“Tres Sasser is a producer from Nashville with a history in punk and possibly known for his cooperation with Will Hoge. From this moment on he should be known for introducing Carly Jamison, an amazing new name from New York. Everything Happens For A Reason (Desktop Recordings) is her flaming debut album. We have been waiting for this new record for years, without being aware of it. This record brings altcountry from Nashville to New York and back again. This exciting record carries the same energy and enthusiasm as did the debut and third album (Musical Shapes) of Carlene Carter. On these records you could hear the American stepdaughter of Johnny Cash working together with top bands of English pub rock like The Rumour (Graham Parker’s band), Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner and members of Clover. Those were the days. Everything Happens For A Reason gives you a similar thrill.”

“Yee haw T-Rex !!! Rocking track & cool production & instrumentation, good vocal & rocking attitude.”

“Everything Happens For A Reason is a disc burning with as much passion as the matches shown on the cover, you will stay up and above that it will keep you dancing from start to finish. Possessing a voice very intense and very sexy, which may approach those of Patti Smith and Linda Perry.”

“This roots rock with an urban attitude is well received on this side of the ocean...The open sound of “Bring It On”, “This Big Old Bottle” and “Ask Me If I Give A Shit” clearly reminds you of the English pub rock of the mid seventies, when a combination of rock, roots, blues and country made history. Indeed: “Look Where It’s Coming From “! On “Doubt” you hear a CCR intro, Ray Davies would have signed for “The One With You”, with David Henry on strings and with “Self-Consumed” Carly Jamison gives shape to the true existence of a Girl and a Guitar. “No Control Anymore” you will find shortly on the playlist of Status Quo and with “Dreaming” she finishes her album, this lady with a unique vocal tone … low, deep and sexy. A great debut.”

“There’s so much great pop and rock music coming out of Nashville, TN these days…it seems like a real shame that your average music consumer only associates the city with phony carbonated country slop/pop. Okay, so Carly Jamison is actually from New York…she recorded Everything Happens For A Reason at True Tone Recording studio, so it has that cool Nashville kinda vibe. It would be difficult to discuss Jamison’s music without making the obvious comparison to Chrissie Hynde (she has the same kind of deep sultry voice that has made Hynde a favorite among music fans for decades). Lots of big names were involved in the recording and release of this album. It has a big slick sound and could easily catapult Jamison into the big leagues in no time at all. The songs are pure pop infused with some definite bluesy threads. Super slick pop/rockers include “Bring It On,” “Ask Me If I Give A Shit,” “No Control Anymore,” and “Dreaming.” Good solid stuff that packs a powerful p”

“Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You” might have found a kindred spirit in New York-based country-pop/rock singer Carly Jamison. The singer lays out her feelings for any potential detractors in the frank and hilarious “Ask Me I Give A Sh*t.” Fortunately Jamison’s deep, smoky voice, backed by bluesy guitars and smooth harmonies, has plenty of attitude to back up such a bold statement. “If you wanna start with me/Bring it on” she snarls on the tough-talking continues on “Bring It On,” while “Doubt” finds Jamison kicking herself for falling for a two-timing loser who only gave broken promises and disappointments. She kicks the bum out of course. The singer shows her softer side on “The One With You” a tale of young love lost set to a country-pop soundtrack. “The Hills Of Jericho” varies the subject matter a bit, with lyrics about breaking free of old traditions and the mind-numbing influence of advertising and television.”

“The NYC based musician makes dirty, bluesy rock. It should be a hit for those who like their vocals gravelly.”