Carlos Wilde / Press

“When i'm feeling this good, i like to find music that grooves with me. like this little hopper from Carlos Wilde. it's just cool, a simple message and a simple but insanely groovy hook. skipping along, singing about flowers and sunshine and the music is actually sunshiney by way of my synesthesia, punchy and azure blues mixed with a scratchy orange thingy, a guitar riff glowing like everybody's favorite star. ”

Mathew Meadows - I Feel Fine With Ya By My Side

“A song like this should replace any of the new bands on the radio. They're just too intense and overdone in their choruses. This has such a cool, slapping feel to the drum intro. Such a mellow laid back easy kind of delivery. The chorus is different and has a good hook sort of sound. The whole thing is about the best song I've heard in the last 10 years. (almost said 20).”

Marc Roberge - I Feel Fine With Ya By My Side

“Carlos Wilde WHAT CAN I SAY - what can I say indeed, a fabulously funky track by Carlos - I loved the production on this great song - the bass was absolutely top drawer ( almost Bernard Edwards-esque ) - the sounds were wonderfully tasty - it was laced with amazing textures all the way through - a brilliantly constructed piece with everything in its proper place - outstanding work.”


“One of the standout tracks on this eclectic EP is Am I Evil. It moves with a Smashing Pumpkins Eye harpsichord cadence. A Jekyl and Hyde disturbance sidles up to the pure key melodies of piano. The harmonious keystrokes keeps this track calm and self knowing. A sizzling underbelly of sound that balances unease with acceptance.”

"I Feel Fine With Ya By My Side" is rare and precious

““Not a Tortoise” is a fitting title for this fast paced power/pop/punk album. It consists of a collection of sounds from many sub genres of rock, ranging in styles from the garage rock sound “Love Me” to more power punk vibes of “Living on a High”. Though Carlos’ songwriting and performing technique is quite eclectic, pulling his inspiration from many influences of rock pop and soul music, he has a sound that is distinctly his own. Regardless of the emotion Carlos expresses through his music there is a consistency and originality of style throughout the album that is recognizably Carlos Wilde. He can have us jumping along with him, carefree and rebellious in the power pop music of “Rok Ma Wurld” then turn us around to get serious in the alternative rock sound of “Am I Evil”. ”

“There is nothing I can say which would be critical of this song. It is smart, sharp, asks the "right" questions, presents the provacative situations we all face; the song stays true to proper pop ... song form and then repeats...It does a good job on the "Human" level...draws you into the piece, leaves you with questions and some answers which you might not have discovered yourself,yet. I like it and what's more, I think many others will too.”

““Not a Tortoise” is a new EP by Carlos Wilde. Carlos has always impressed me with his unique vocal style, clever guitar work and thoughtfully brilliant lyrics. This EP only strengthens my earliest impressions of his work. Carlos writes and performs wonderful musical experiences that are easy to relate to and just plain fun to hear. ”

“I was listening to the new Carlos Wilde EP, "Not a Tortoise". Now I was very familiar with Carlos music, one of my all time faves, the very bluesy track from the "Cocktail CD" "On this Side of Paradise" is still a joy to listen to, no matter how many times I've heard it. "Not a Tortoise" still retains that fine songwriting and instrumental arrangements that rock the soul. Songs like "Rock my World" do just that, very commercial and radio ready that seem to be timeless. His style is reminiscent of Coleman Wilde, remember that monster hit, "It doesn't Matter"? It's what's inside that counts? Yea, it's still played in commercials, damn, they even have the same last name, more than a coincidence I would say, and they both hit you with the same vibe. My fave off the EP happens to be "Am I Evil", the lyrics shine in this one, very deep indeed. All in all, this is a great EP to listen to, it leaves you wanting more and wishing it was a fully- fledged CD.”