Carl Filipiak / Press

“Live at the Cat's Eye "..the perfect blend of riffs and improvisation".”

Geoffrey Himes - Vintage Guitar Magazine

““Guitarist Carl Filipiak is pushing the edge of possibility…his grasp on turning 40 year old music into something akin to modern blues is revelatory.””

Ken Micaleff - Better Living Through MP3

“Vintage Guitar Magazine – “This one’s a gem and makes it a sure bet the listener will want to go out and check out Carl’s six other recordings as a leader.””

John Heidt - Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Baltimore based guitarist Carl Filipiak returned in 2013 with a solid live album of instrumental jazz-rock fusion entitled "Live at the Cat's Eye." Featuring Carl backed up by his band, the Jimi Jazz Band, the sound is very much straight ahead jazz-rock with nods to greats like Jeff Beck, John Scofield and even from a rock guitar standpoint, Peter Frampton. Carl gets excellent support from his trio band members including three different bass players- Mike Pope, Steve Zerlin, and Matt Everhart- as well as Paul Hannah (sax) and Frank Young (drums). Filipiak is a huge Beatles fan and his cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is one of the best instrumental versions of the track to date. Having released eight solo albums, with the 2014 CD release of "Live at the Cat's Eye," Carl Filipiak brings his brand of guitar centric fusion alive and well into the 21st century.”

“Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band -"Live at the Cat's Eye"- The stated purpose of Filipiak's band here was to combine rock and roll, R&B, and jazz using elements pioneered by Jimi Hendrix. This allows Filipiak and sax man Paul Hannah to solo sublimely over a kicking rhythm section. Whatever the goal, this album works on a number of levels.”

"After 20 years of playing and recording his blistering fusion of jazz and rock, Carl Filipiak's latest record, I Got Your Mantra, mixes his mastery of the instrument with his love for the music of one of rocks masters, Jimi Hendrix, and his love of sixties music in general."

John Heidt - Vintage Guitar