Cari Quoyeser / Press

"Alternative-pop, singer-songrocker, Cari Quoyeser, recently shared an intimate Sofar Sound video for her beautiful new track, Byzantium. A vastly talented multi-instrumentalist, is most renowned for her extraordinary voice and remarkable songwriting; often compared to legends Janis Joplin and Loretta Lynn. No doubt, the comparisons are justified as she fuses classic rock, alternative pop and international folk into a colorfully authentic Cari Q blend."

“Radio interview--- http://www.blackdiamondfm.com/festival-news/cari-q-live-black-diamond-fm”

“Months ago I hailed Grace Sllickin, Lady Zepellin, CARI QUOYESER and her band as the best act of the year. I just received her first CD in the mail and it is everything I would have expected from this outstanding new band. If you like great rock and roll, delivered by young energetic prodigies, then you will fall for this band like I have. And I mean F A L L.”

“Backed up by Rebecca Laird on her bad little ass lead guitar, Quoyeser gave a performance that will someday make her a household name. She is a natural entertainer, with rock star pipes and original songs that sound like classics that you must have somehow missed. Quoyeser has a beautiful, expressive face that will torment photographers. She was made to do what she does, and she has found a worthy band. I will stop my rant, just short I hope, of shameless worship....”