Carina Round / Press

“Round paints songs filled with vivid images and melancholy. Album atmospherics are far and above what one would expect… While a cohesive body of work, each song stands out with individual melodramatic flourishes”


“Her atmospheric nocturnal vocals are peppered with a little pixie dust on the video for "Backseat," consummated by growing harmonies and subsequent feeling.”


“The dramatic contrast between the ferocity and vulnerability that propelled and defined her earlier work makes a welcome comeback. Things You Should Know constitutes a retrograde but not redundant move towards the passionate and edgy fretwork that Round excels at.”

Charlotte Richardson Andrews - wearsthetrousers.com

“This woman channels the dense poetry of Patti Smith with a ferocious power all her own. A mesmerizing live performer.”


“Like her idol Patti Smith before her, she succeeds in dismantling the concept of molds by abruptly reinventing herself from song to song.”

Skope Magazine

“So talented. A true artist… she needs/deserves a massive cult following.”

Annie Lennox

“Her lyrics are open poetry with gut wrenching honesty. She slips between love and lust, loneliness and pain seamlessly. She creates music like a masterpiece; carefully crafted, every word, every note, even every pause sounds intentional, whilst remaining effortless and natural.”


“She truly is indescribable”


“Music that must be heard...one of the most incredible and commanding female voices out there”


“With her home now in the city of angels, she is gracious to her life’s past lessons but is dedicated to the evolution of her sound. Her new EP “Things You Should Know” embodies the rich complexity of evocative songwriting and progressive epic orchestrations.”

Tina Colson - Deli Magazine

“Carina Round is uncompromising, hugely talented and deserves a much wider audience for her work.….all songs are superb and exhibit Round’s ability to create powerful melodies that play mind games… I’ve not stopped playing this mini-album (Things You Should Know EP)”

Tony Porter - Shakenstir.co.uk

“One of the best debut albums i've ever heard”

Sunday Times

“A burst of empowered petulance filtered through a new-wave-punky sensibility. Round's fiery directness can be exhilarating.”


“Slow Motion Addict is as much Patti Smith as it is Bjork- just when you think you have her pinned as punk, she entrances you in flighty reverie.”


“At her best, she fucks up the blues like no midlander since Led Zep”