Cariad Harmon / Press

““Weaving jazz and country inflections into her subtle acoustic guitar playing and singing with a calm, clear earnestness, she’s pure in her traditionalism and refreshingly unironic in her ambitions.””

““She’s somebody worth hearing.””

John Platt - WFUV

““NYC-based Londoner Cariad Harmon is a singer-songwriter whose sparse songs are fueled by vulnerability and honesty, feelings brought to life by way of airy melodies that develop without haste. Her delicate, almost whispered soprano works as the music’s binding element, giving Harmon’s mixture of classic jazz and blues a graceful fluidity.””

““This self-titled sophomore album from Brooklyn-based songwriter Cariad Harmon has all the pop appeal required to be a surprise hit.””

““The songs are so wonderfully crafted and Harmon’s storytelling allow the listener to find themselves drawn into the narrative. It might need a listen or two to truly unravel, but this really is a beautiful album. One that’s so infectious that it’s bound to brighten up the cold grey Autumn days.””

““Cariad Harmon uses a wide array of sounds and textures to back her first person observations on life, love and the spaces in between.””

““Cariad’s songwriting is masterful in the way that she weaves memorable melodies together with stories, experiences, and emotions. Her songs have a decidedly British pedigree, informed by a New York sensibility.””

““Quietly strong, bluesy and bright Cariad’s voice is one that once you hear it, you’re hooked.””

““Her soprano voice is dove-like and lovely and her songs are as cheery as a day spent eating popsicles in Central Park, even if your heart’s broken.””

““Cariad Harmon’s sophomore album is a smooth, easily enjoyed collection of tracks based on her bright, expressive voice and deft acoustic guitar playing.””

““Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and Cat Power fans — lend an ear to a bright new talent.””

““Now based in Brooklyn, Cariad is from London so her bluesy/folk sound has a unique spin and her voice is just fantastic.””

““An art clash in Brooklyn New York.””

““Cariad Harmon is a beautiful song writer, her lyrics stir up visions in the imaginations of her listeners immediately. What she creates is a very personal, very empathetic way to approach the relationship between the artist and her audience.””

““[A] lovely collection of folky Americana cut through with folky and jazz undertones. This is one for fans of Cat Power, Joni Mitchell and Carole King.””

““Her songwriting is impressive and captivating to say the least””

““The new video for Cariad Harmon’s “Like You” gives hope that in a big city like New York, there’s still a chance to find your one and only.””

“On “Like You”: “While her musicality feels entirely British, there’s a sense of optimism about her music that seems to place her firmly on the other side of the Atlantic. We challenge you to listen to it without feeling warm, cosy and – goshdarn it – maybe even happy.””

““It’s Cariad’s extraordinary aptitude for lush and captivating jazz and folk-flavored pop that clinches the whole deal; the laid-back push and pull of this music breezes along with utmost ease and fluidness like a happy little gust of pure soothing energy.””

““Cariad Harmon has swooped in on our radar and earned herself a spot on our list of “Artists to Watch”, and after listening to the single, ‘You Don’t Know Me Yet’, she’ll be on the top of yours as well.””

““With an album that can conjure up imagery of smoky jazz clubs or even smokier blues bars located in Anytown U.S.A., Harmon is a wonderful British artist who definitely understands Americana music, and has found just the right way to perfect it.””

“Cariad Harmon…comes from the lineage of jazzy singer-songwriters that includes Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. Her modest, lovely debut is a slow-burning set of piano-based torch songs and acoustic-guitar ballads…unlike (Mitchell and Jones), her lyrics seem to span many decades.”

“Four Letters is a well-crafted debut that’s undeniably relaxing to listen to… an enjoyable listen for fans of Sarah McLachlan, Cat Power…who lament the end of happy summer days spent frolicking at Lilith Fair. When the festival returns…perhaps we’ll see Cariad Harmon on the roster.”

“This British singer-songwriter makes late-night music that's part jazz, part folk, and all fuzzy and warm. Harmon's rich, welcoming voice guides the songs on her debut, but the subtle instrumental nudges — soft piano, gently strummed guitar — are inviting too. Perfect music to cozy up to.”

“Cariad Harmon has taken an approach to folk music that seamlessly incorporates jazz, pop and…blues in a way not seen since Nick Drake. Gentle lilting-melodies, simple, relatable stories… hypnotizing string arrangements and production …a captivating slice of New York Americana.”