“DiSarro is a visionary chasing his punk rock dreams in a big way. He was a founding member of Stitched Up Heart, developed High Risk and was the punk rock On-Air host for Hollywood Music TV. Yet, Cardiac is clearly a departure from those roots, at least in part. The music harkens back to an era of rock with Journey, Rush, Queen etc., but timely blends other genres of punk, pop and metal that is very musical, piano drive, vocally emotional and epic songs that take you on a journey through different peaks and valleys of your mind and heart. This suits the rock opera perfectly because a story is told so that you hear in DiSarro’s voice, the pain the emotion, the triumph and celebration. Where his punk rock roots are evident is in that very blend of genres; the uncompromising attitude in what they want to write and the music they create. It will be on their terms and not pigeon-holed into some prepackaged one-size-fits-all preconceived notion of what others say they should be.”

“DiSarro was very aggressive and abrasive on the vocals at times, then smooth and silky at others. It seemed that his screaming was inserted wherever and whenever he felt like it, and it made for a dynamic, dramatic set. His range comes through pretty well, most notably on “I Feel Alive” and “Rot in Rhode Island.” Bish banged on the drums like a pro. Saying he was superb is an understatement; excellent drumming on every song with just the right amount of fills and rolls that suited each song perfectly. Bish made “Summer Saved Me” come alive with a fervor and enthusiasm that made the walls shake. Cardiac is an energetic group, most notably DiSarro. He worked the stage, jumping, running and taunting the crowd (and his drummer). He made the performance worth watching (although at times at the price of the vocals). He was off key a few times, but only because he was midair as he delivered notes. Bish was solid behind the drum kit all night long as he and DiSarro played to each o”

“Practically near full before even hitting 8 PM, opening act, calling themselves Cardiac, were ready to get the party started. Also from the Los Angeles music scene, The Bangles stay true to their hometown bringing the young, aspiring band on the road with them. Taking their emotionally driven brand of music to the platform of The Paramount, DiSarro sang passionately as they opened with “Another Hero Dies.” A rather mellow piece to start, the song soon exploded with a string-bending guitar solo from Woznik, paving the way for the rest of the set, including tracks like “Here I Fall,” the more delicate “Breathe,” and closer, “I Feel Alive.” Energized and enthusiastic, DiSarro proved to be the ultimate showman as he moved about the stage with ease as Woznik dazzled on guitar and Bish smashed on drums. Perhaps not what some spectators at The Paramount were expecting from an opening act for The Bangles, Cardiac impressed thoroughly as they received a round of applause prior t”

"From their opening number “Another Hero Dies,” the band show their energy, pouring themselves soulfully into every song. In “Another Hero Dies,” Dave sings a cautionary tale of hoping for too much. And when Dave sings, he does so with passion and conviction, putting his whole body into his words as he reels with his microphone or races across the stage. He’s a bit of a showman!" In the latter half of the show, Dave reveals the band have been working on a rock opera, titled “Destroy and Rebuild,” which they hope to debut in their hometown of Los Angeles sometime next year. The saga of the upcoming rock opera centers on a tale of getting to the point where the hero feels he cannot go on any longer but rediscovers a love for life that rekindles his passions." "The concept of a rock opera actually seems to fit Cardiac quite well as the band seem quite fond of theatrical flourishes in each of their songs."

“Grant Webb (Guitar), vocalist David Disarro (Audio Engineering) and their band Cardiac recently performed at the Texas Rock Fest in Austin, TX (March 14-16), appearing twice on the Main Stage and once on the Festival Stage. The band's festival performances closed out their “Sing Your Heart” tour, which took them throughout the Southwestern United States in March. The band is currently promoting their latest self-titled album, Cardiac (iTunes, Amazon) and will appear at the legendary Roxy nightclub on LA’s Sunset Strip on May 9.”

“Their latest E.P., which happens to be self-titled, fell into my hands a few weeks back and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. Which is sometimes a good thing because then you’re pleasantly surprised. The entire E.P. is sensory overload from beginning to end. The musical instrument arrangement is very well put together and each song is different. Which is rare now a days. Listening to the album makes you run to their show calendar and see when they will be playing nearby soon. Doing so is something I highly suggest.”

“With that the EP consists of 8 songs out of the 20 that have been written for this rock opera piece Cardiac has in store having the instrumentals used on this release alone be quite surprising. The drums, guitars, and vocal antics are what really make the music sound focused and fully original.”

"CARDIAC. It’s very important to me. Ive been writing it along side Andrew Weitz for over a year. He’s producing me to be a great performer. We have set our sights high, VERY high in hopes to reach the masses. The fame we are chasing is not for ourselves. It’s for what I said before, I want to help and heal, and I KNOW it’s what I’m here for. The songs are on the sadder side of life but have answers in them. I want to connect with the people at their lowest times. The people in places where I have once been, ready to die. There's a lot more I’ve learned this year about myself and I feel like I went through all that I have so that I can use it to help others."