Caravan of Thieves / Press

“The music of Bouquet from Caravan of Thieves will catch hold of your soul, it’s languidly frantic, with sensuous backbone to it and something just a little sick hiding behind it all. I can’t believe these guys haven’t taken the mass market by storm yet. ”

“Caravan of Thieves may easily be one of the most interesting bands I’ve listened to… I definitely see Caravan of Thieves being on many people’s end of the year lists, so definitely don’t miss out on this group”

“Caravan of Thieves are too charming, too wry, and just too damn good to fly under anyone’s radar… they manage to fuse that dizzying range of influences into an execution of something wholly blistering, intelligent and cohesive”

“The soaring harmony vocals between Fuzz and Carrie are the first thing that will capture your attention… they are crisp and cleanly delivered and never overbearing, but at the same time deliver the lyrics with an unmatched passion”