Cara / Press

"They sound like a whole festival wrapped up in one band!"

Bruce MacGregor - Travelling Folk, BBC

“With this album, Cara have joined the ranks of Solas, Dervish and Altan, big tunes, big ideas and superb playing, what more would you want?"”

“It’s tough to ignore music this robust and rich”

Gene Armstrong - Rhythm & Views

“This is a band whose musicianship and inventiveness will make them a favorite on both sides of the pond.”

Sing Out

“When a German band appears alongside top Irish acts at the 2007 Boston Irish Connections Festival (ICONS) and wins the rapturous attention of the audience, when five young German musicians playing Celtic tunes can enthral American crowds night after night on their first US tour, so much so, that the touring agent decides immediately to do a follow up tour, then this band deserves a mention. ... It's a concert tour you shouldn't miss.”

Irish Music Magazine