Car 55 / Press

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”

Frank Zappa - ?

“Car 55 have the ability to transport the listener to another time and place.”

Doc Emmett Brown - Back to the Future Fan Club Newsletter

“Ever heard of the Rat Pack? Car 55 are the Gerbil pack.”

Cyril - Home-o-monthly

“The last time I saw the singer, he was drunk, naked and covered in his own vomit being pushed around in a shopping trolley by a homeless geriatric with a limp.”

Max - Hobo Hounds Blog

“Every time I hear Car 55's music I am reminded of that small doll my daddy gave me when I was a little girl. I got bitten by a mosquito last night. Wow I am thirsty. I might turn on the television.”

Mavis - Alzeimers Gazette

"Turn that bloody crap down"

Dad, back when I was learning guitar as a teenager.

“There is nothing in this world that I like more than a nice apple turnover with cream.”

John Smith - Irrelevant Monthly

"That drummer is the best drummer since Jimmy Hendrix."

Clueless Mag

"I was constipated, heard this music, then ran to the toilet."

Unknown - Bowel Bugle

"Sexiest band in the universe."

Pensioners Monthly

"Car 55 are kind of funny...... well they look funny."

Some old guy at the bar of our last gig.

"Nobody reads these anyway."

Cynic Magazine

"The lead singer reminds me of a young Bing Crosby."


"Wow! That Bass player has a big bulge in the front of his pants."


"I have never seen a drummer that reminded me more of Animal from the Muppets".


“Where did you find that hot young guitarist. I would like to tear him apart.”

Blue Oyster Bar Newsletter

"I am so proud of you Matthew."

Mum - Birthday Card

“Leave a comment or send me a message. Your feedback is appreciated.”

Chewie - Home Studio Mag.

"Up out or shape ship"

Radji - Geology Class