Cap Wilhelm-Safian / Press

"Man, this sounds really nice. Great vibe, cool sounds, and storytelling. Dreamy stuff."

Jeremy Lyn Kimzey - The Gypsy Moonlight Band

"East of Eden has a dreamlike quality to it".

Leevanhallam - Myspace

"East of Eden" is just plain beautiful!

D.B. Reilly - Myspace

"East of Eden is a fantastic song, which I can't get out of my head after hearing it again".

George Kitching - The Overspill Poets - Myspace

"I really love the sound you're getting, and 'Winter's Seed' is phenomenal. The vocal harmonies were a great touch- they complete the song in fact".

Garrett Heath - Myspace

"Great spirit in your songs...pure, inspired and honest!" Elke and Niels

The Cherrychords - Myspace

"Path of Changes... totally wicked... psychedelic or what! Winter's Seed... excellent, fave is Johnny Joined Up... Cool!"

Pan - Myspace Comment