Captain Squeegee / Press

“The production of your album is very organic, close to a live performance, which gives it a spontaneous side.”

“Since 2002, Captain Squeegee has been bringing energetic, intelligent music to Phoenix and making a name for themselves as one of Arizona's premier live acts.”


“Ska Punk Awards Won three 2003, 2004, and 2006 Nominated a total of six times from 2003-2007 including "Best Song of 2006"”

"Unbelieveable live show! It's no wonder they have such a core following for an unsigned band. They get slapped with the ska label sometimes because of the horns, but they are much more progressive & the songwriting is more reminiscent of older Chicago records"

Michael Beck - Soundvision Studios

"Seriously, I'm a big fan...its strange because I've met, hung out with, and seen amazing concerts...INCUBUS, Social D, Rancid, Pennywise, etc. And I'm still very VERY impressed by Captain Squeegee...like for real. They are doing things that are not being done and for that I am thankful!"

Laura Lee - 103.9 The Edge DJ

“These musicians may not have even all lost their virginity yet, and they already have a bright future. If a worthy label wanted to invest in these young prodigies, he could undoubtedly win the "Nez Le Plus Creux 2008." In the meantime Nothing vs Everything risks wearing out your record player.”

Jean-Philippe Hass - Progressia (French Magazine)