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“Captain Incredible reeks of the confidence of which great things are sometimes made, and shows enough musical talent and pop sensibility amidst their angry guitar slinging and violent percussion to transcend their musical niche (thus far) and become something more.”

"It is clear this band is here to bash, bang and riff their way into your heart, with the energy turned up to eleven. C.I. makes it clear they are here to stay. This DFW act is gathering fans quickly as well, so see what the buzz is about and catch them around town... Just buckle up first.

"This six-song EP is an abrasive blast of greasy hard rock. Captain Incredible is not the brainiest of rock bands, but the guys have certainly answered the title question by disc's end."

"Metal Punk Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd with some Ozzie Black Sabbath sounding vocals."

“While Captain Incredible is mainly straight-up rock n’ roll, there is some serious Southern California punk influence going on. Anyone who has heard Pennywise will be right at home with Captain Incredible; it’s aggressive, energetic, and damn fun.”

“These guys waste no time in bursting into blazing beats and guitar shredding.Their new disc is a sonic H-bomb to the brain sending the meek running for cover. Guitarist Phipps Stewart leads the attack with ripping leads and the rest of this supertight unit marches right alongside.”

“They produce an authentic sound, paying particular homage to the Ramones. Listen to it a few times and you'll notice other influences creepin' in. A little metal on "Radioactive." A wee bit of twang on "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." Captain Incredible begs to be seen live.”

"The North Dallas boys aren't quite heavy enough or complex enough to be classified as metal; meanwhile, frontman Phipps Stewart lays down one too many shredding lead guitar parts for the band to fit neatly in the punk genre; and the band seems to be having too much fun for either."

“If this song doesn't get your head moving or your fist pumping,I have no idea what will."No One Gets Out Alive" is another song that will probably get your fist going. The guitar in this tune reminds me a lot of the Dropkick Murphys."”

““You guys make me want to punch my chain-smoking grandmother in the face!” –Chris Burney of Bowling For Soup praised Captain Incredible’s Performance @ The Boiler Room Thursday, July 30th 2009. Captain Incredible won a returning gig opening for regional act House Harkonnen. ”

Chris Burney - Chris Burney's New Band Burnout

"an irreverent depiction of George and Kuato from the great 1990 Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick Total Recall. The fully formed George looks like a handsome, stoic man, while his mutant twin, on the other hand, is one ugly little baby-headed dude--and judging by that sign-of-the-devil, he wants to rock!