CAPITAL Zen / Press

"I woke up to Capital Zen. As I played a mildly sun-drenched game of bocce with some comrades‚ we heard these guys absolutely DESTROY Rush's "YYZ." We ended the game and caught the rest of their energetic set.

“'Best Local Rock Band' and 'Best Local Alternative Band.'”

The Post Star - Regions Best 2011

“Whiplash transitions. Kick-you-in-the-crotch percussion. Cat-scratch guitar riffs. Swampy bass hooks. It's all there. The ideal recipe for a progressive jam stew.”

Garret K. Woodward - Fourth Coast Entertainment Magazine

"...this is a highly original and entertaining disc, and I like it a lot."

"... certainly Capital Zen is more than ready, both attitudinally and ability-wise, to venture well outside the region."

““Welcome to the rampant and wild world of Capital Zen, Glens Falls’ pillars of Funk Rock Fusion.””

Samuel Murphy - The Post Star

"...outstanding talent and a fun, fun band... a good time that is high energy with a lot of passion... the vibe is infectious."

Mike S. - 8 Trax

"...a melting pot of genres."

Dan Singer - Crumbs Cafe, Exit 97.7

"...a great, young rock band."

John Kribs - Community Cafe, Hits 95.9

"...right down to brass tacks, Capital Zen brings you where you want to go..."

Ken Lytle - Radio Ugly

"...Capital Zen has been rockin' the North Country..."

"...the potent quartet has since been making a name for themselves both locally and afar by fighting cliché and ripping out some great sounds."

Samuel Murphy - The Post Star