Canyon. / Press

"Half is the type of album that even after a myriad of listens doesn’t lose a single ounce of excitement or energy. From the first sensual notes of album opener, “One Way Road” to the very last whispers of album closer, “Inch”, Canyon is a downright combustible blend of seductive mysticism and spiritual awareness. She weaves through each tune like someone with way more experiences than her relatively young age has let on, that sort of ‘old soul’ ethos that the best folk singers possess. She is a troubadour secure in her own skin and her own craft and she picks and croons her way through eleven tracks of elegant, pop-infused, indie folk."

“FOLK MUSIC FOR A NEW GENERATION: CANYON'S FRESH TAKE ON A CLASSIC GENRE: "You have described the sound on your debut EP Aeroplanes + Astronauts as folksy. What do you like about that genre of music? Canyon: We never made a conscious choice to have it sound that way, it sort of happened organically. I think my sound evolved out of what I was able to play…Very stripped down, acoustic guitar. I was playing on my own at the time and it was the only sound I could create. When I partnered up with Andy a couple years ago, he was able to introduce some great vocal harmonies and percussion to the mix. Andy: The whole creative process is just such an evolution, so were constantly trying to figure it out ourselves. I wouldn't go as far as to say that we're creating a hybrid between two genres, but our sound is kind of a mix of Canyon's folk background with beats laid down behind it. So you get that element of Rock & Roll, but without distortion. It's definitely avant-garde."”

"Canyon, a two piece guy/girl band hails from Connecticut and knows how to swoon an audience in an intimate setting. The duo had a certain coffee shop charm that is matched by few artists around these days. Tellus 360, a reclaimed wood shop certainly provided an excellent venue for this band as well. As the rich smell of wood lingered in the noses of the audience, Canyon played songs with a certain warmth and depth that matched the venue perfectly. The set of heart-wrenching acoustic gems ranged from sultry brooding laments to more beaty lyrical songs. In the end, the two-part harmonies set the performance apart from similar coffeehouse performances. What made Canyon so amazing was the richness of each and every song. Though the instrumentation wasn’t necessarily game-changing, the venue and show worked together to create an unforgettable show."