Can Joann / Press

“On that note, here's to Can Joann, the shakin' quartet from Chapel Hill whose EP pops open-and-shut as one of the most enjoyable 17 minutes in recent local pop memory.”

“Every song I've heard from them has stuck with me for a number of days...”

“Can Joann have forged their own unique sound that's got an extremely catchy and addictive vibe to it. The more you listen to it, the more it stays with you”

“An album of cool grooves... Who would’ve imagined that a mid-tempo indie rock album recorded, at least in part, in a 19th century farmhouse would sound so polished?”

“Today's elbo.ws Top 10 list includes three Can Joann tracks, with "Indecision's Way" on the No. 1 spot. Considering that Sufjan and the Hold Steady round out the top three, that's a big accomplishment, even in our tiny, tiny music-nerd world.”

“So - why Can Joann? Because you like indie-rock guitars and pop hooks. Because they're not a band trying as hard as they can to sound like Wire or The Smiths but are rather a band who is unafraid to sound like themselves and you respect that.”

“The Can Joann have been my favourite pop band since I got back. The instrumentalism is tight as ants snatch. Excellent drumming backs up consistant base and lead guitaring, but the thing that makes them stand out from many of their contempories is their vocalisation. Their singer singers with an unrelenting conviction and varied intonation where it is needed. I must apologise for being behind the curve if looking on elbo.ws. But time has only hardened my belief in this band. Nearest comparisons to this band would be "Orson" except that much more magical and with a charming lack of Californian gloss and sheen that the former perspire. Definitely on the radar, enjoy.”

“Though they grew up in the same neck of the woods as Superchunk and Ben Folds Five, this Chapel Hill, N.C., band sound like they have more in common with New York groups such as The Strokes and Interpol — specifically, a more ambitious version of the former and a less ambitious version of the latter. Which, come to think of it, is infinitely more preferable to the other way around ”

“Can Joann is far from just another Chapel Hill band. Their elaborate music is a celebration of their versatility and ability to make their instruments do what they want...it's the sort of thing that's a keeper. ”

“Can Joann rocks...‘Hurt People Hurt People’ is actually an inspiring story being told in song if you catch on to the plot early and pay attention throughout.”

“Out-of-nowhere newcomers Can Joann are burning their way through the blogosphere, and Faronheit has captured thier HEAT!”

“Can Joann-"Thicker Skin" Picked for "Best of October playlist 11"”