Candelora / Press

“The first album for this Calgary based alt-rock quartet, and it shows some real promise. This band came together in the winter of 2006- not much to do during an Alberta winter but stay inside- when two brothers, a cousin and a lifelong friend decided to make some noise. Produced by Douglas Romanow “Candelora” is a great start, the elements for success are here; tasty guitar playing, nice, juicy bass lines and an impressive drummer. Their sound is somewhere north of U2/ Coldplay, more rockin’ and rollin’, and the distinct lead vocal work of Mike Ferraro. His band mates include brothers Cory & Lucas Klapper (guitars & vocals and drums respectively) and bassist Kristian Shepetys.Iit’s the music that counts and that’s the part I DO like. With some luck this is the start of a long and successful journey. Sweet Spots: “Outland Serenade”, “Fallen Modern Age”, “No Dream Is Ever Just A Dream””

“The Calgary-based band Candelora are offering up something clever, unique and fresh with their self-titled debut. Melding the interests and backgrounds of four gifted musicians, the disc never falters creatively for a second from the extremely listenable opening cut Fallen Modern Age and the percussive momentum of Color of the Sun to the full-fledged rocking sensibilities of Red Northern Lights -- the latter also showcases lead singer Mike Ferraro’s voice exceptionally well. Rounding out the band is guitarist/vocalist Cory Klapper, bassist Kristian Shepetys and drummer Lucas Klapper. 1959 takes on a darker, comparatively melancholic tone as its tale unfolds against a wall of blistering rhythm guitar, while No Dream is Ever Just a Dream features a different side of the band – plaintive, mellow and reflective as does A Conscious Heart. Ultimately, the disc serves up a spectrum”

“Calgary based Candelora released their self-titled debut record in May of 2011. Forming in the winter of 2006, this alt-rock quartet hits all the right notes on their long awaited first effort. Bright guitar riffs intertwine with light and playful piano melodies throughout the disc and a heavy bass line keeps it all in check. Catchy rhythmic drums drive each song forward and force the listener to move along with every track. Strings are a frequent guest on this record but thankfully aren't taken overboard, sporadically appearing just when they're needed. Singer Mike Ferraro's vocals tie all of the pieces together into a very nice package. With a slight dusting of grit and growl, Ferraro's voice is a perfect match to the heavy direction this band has adopted. ”

“I know, there are not a lot of musical surprises anymore. It’s boring. Okay maybe Death Cab for Cutie. Pay attention to this cd. The reason is simple. It’s organic, original and you want to play it again. But not because it’s catchy. It is, but hell this band speaks to you from their inside. Candelora (TOP PHOTO) may not be smiling but they should be. This self titled cd has incredible passion mixed with equal amounts of a band searching for a definitve sound. Having said that, tracks like Colour of the Sun, the driving Red Northern Lights, Outland Seranade and Mountain Atmosphere simply can’t miss. Soundwise the band mixes early Coldplay (The Blue Room) with a wee bit of Arcade Fire and even Nova Scotia’s former alt rockers Sandbox. An exciting release! This band needs to get out and tour anywhere, anytime.”