Cancel Tomorrow / Press

“RIDE, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle. it pierces deeply, making it impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow - David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion)

“Cancel Tomorrow, rocked the room at The Oak Ridge Bar on Thursday night. People dancing , people singing clapping and stomping,.......packed room.....who could ask for anything more?????? Their sound is a mix of classic alternative that has that tight mix. You know the mix that made stars out of Nirvana and The Gin Blossoms.....Look for these guys to get nothing but better in a hurry. Songs from Dishwalla, and INXS would and could be great additions to their list as well as some classic Cars,. These guys put out a sound that makes you want to get off your ass and dance. ”

The CG Post

“They will be putting on alternative rock that will blow you away. This is a raw, gutsy band that gets to the core of rock and roll and always keeps the music fun. They put on entertainment that will get you dancing, laughing and having a great time. You must experience this band so get down to IQ’s for this amazing fun time. ”

IQ's Food Music and Art - Entertainer